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10 popular supernatural creatures in the philippines

Updated on August 12, 2015


Are very popular in the Philippines, it is also known as a shape shifter. They say it takes the form of a big black dog or a boar. Aswang’s are known to hunt their victims on a full moon and eat their internal organs. It is believe that a way to confirm if a person is an aswang is by making eye contact to the suspected person and if your reflection is upside down then this person is an aswang. It is also believe that an aswang don’t have a philtrum.


An ordinary woman by day, A horrifying half-bodied winged creature at night. This creature feed on pregnant woman by using it’s long tongue it pierced the umbilicus of the mother and suck the fetus inside the womb. A manananggal uses a special oil on its body to help it transform by living the lower half in it’s territory. It is said that if you came across the lower part of the manananggal you should put salt in it to prevent her from going back to her body. And without a body to come back on, the manananggal will be destroy by the sunlight.


A man who lives on a tree. It is believe that they are a tree guardians. According to those who had seen the kapre, he is described as a big man who is smoking tobacco with a piercing red eyes. They often seen seating on a tree branch. They cursed those people who do harm to the tree they are guarding.


Tikbalang is a creature of the night said to lurk in the forest or in the mountains. They are known to be half horse, half human. People described them as a creature who has a head of a horse, torso of a human, and his leg is like of a horse. It is said that they like to mess with travelers or hikers in the woods by leading them astray.


Also known as nuno sa punso, in other countries they are known as elves. They live on a small hill or ant hill. There are two types of duwende (elf/elves) the puting duwende (white elves), they are the good ones, believe to bring good fortune to those people who do them good and they easily forgive the people who do them harm. The second is the itim na duwende (black elves), the bad elf, believe to give misfortune to the people who anger them, sometimes they take away the life of a person as a sacrificed for the harm cause to them.


Also known as engkantada or fairy. They are said to lived in a large tree or in the mountains. People who have seen them often described them as a beautiful young woman with an enchanting aura surrounding them. Diwata are known to be a nature guardian and a kind hearted being. They give great fortune to those people with a good heart however they curse those people who doesn’t respect to the place they’re guarding. One of the commonly known diwata in the philippines is Mariang Makiling in laguna, philippines.


A type of witch known here in the philippines. The difference between the two is that the Mambabarang are vicious and more dangerous than the mangkukulam. It is said that Mambabarang is so powerful that in just a touch you will become it’s next victim. The victim wil experience excruciating pain, with lesions appearing in the person’s body and different types o!f insects like cockcroach, centipedes, etc. comes out of the lesions.


Also called Bruha (old hag), it is also a Filipino term for witches. Mangkukulam are known to cast a spell to those people who do injustice to others, and they make sure that this people would feel it in many painful ways.

Note: The victim can ask help to a mananambal. They are the people who has the ability to counter the attack of the mangkukulam and mambabarang.


They are described to have green skin, with a scaly body and webbed hands and feet. According to some story; syokoys are horrifying sea creatures, who takes the life of innocent people who unknowingly swims in their territory. They take this person’s life by drowning them.


They are also called impakto or in other country they were called demon’s child. There are many stories concerning the origins of the tiyanak, people say that they are babies who died before theyget baptized and they came back to the human world to eat living victims, some say they are demons who takes the form of a baby to get sympathy from people to kill the easily.


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    • Ivyzaide profile image

      Ivyzaide petallano 2 years ago from Philippines

      @Astralrose, Although at my case I still think they‘re real, hahah..

    • Ivyzaide profile image

      Ivyzaide petallano 2 years ago from Philippines

      @GrimRascal, yeah, they really are creepy.

    • Astralrose profile image

      Astralrose 2 years ago from India

      Those were the days when these characters are the scariest of all I didn't want to venture out at night. It seems they're there everywhere.

      I overcome the fear... and the belief, though. Lol!

    • GrimRascal profile image

      GrimRascal 2 years ago from Overlord's Castle

      Mannanangals sure are creepy with only half bodies. I wouldn't want to encounter one ever.