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100 Bucket List Ideas to do Before I Die

Updated on May 17, 2011
Vacation in Rio
Vacation in Rio

Reason for creating my Bucket List

Recently, someone near and dear to me had a close call with death. Thankfully, this person was given more time, another chance at life. This gave me a new view on my on life. I decided to take a look at all the things that I wanted to experience, accomplish, and enjoy.
I gave myself 30 minutes only to write down 100 ideas for my list. My reasoning behind this? This way, my ideas would be fresh and I would not have time to think about the idea and change something.

Here is my list of 100 things to do before I die:

  1. Write a book
  2. Take singing lessons.
  3. Sing the "Star Spangled Banner" at a Baseball game.
  4. Take my grandmother on a vacation to the destination of her choice.
  5. Build or buy a home.
  6. Finish College.
  7. Travel to every National Park in the U.S with my children and camp there.
  8. Take my kids to Disney World.
  9. Get married.
  10. See my children through college.
  11. Bungee Jump
  12. Start my own business.
  13. Star in a movie.
  14. Give an Academy Award.
  15. Take my children to Munich.
  16. Hitchhike across the U.S.
  17. Travel the World.
  18. Own a Convertible.
  19. Meet the President.
  20. Ride in ahot air balloon
  21. Go to a spa.
  22. Stay at a nude resort.
  23. Buy land in Montana
  24. Party with a rock star.
  25. Build my grandmother a house
  26. Start a greenhouse
  27. Start a worldwide fundraiser for charity.
  28. Get in shape.
  29. Quit smoking.
  30. Invent something.
  31. Win the lottery.
  32. Save enough money for my childrens car, college, weddings, land, and first home.
  33. Give a political speech.
  34. Throw a surprise party.
  35. Tell my mom, step-dad, and all my brothers and sisters that I love them daily.
  36. Do something extra special for my entire family.
  37. Go to the Kentucky Derby
  38. Do something nice for a total stranger.
  39. Save a starving child.
  40. Reality T.v
  41. Dance in a Rap Video
  42. Star in a Rock Video.
  43. Learn to play Golf.
  44. Go to a Hockey Game.
  45. Write a song that becomes #1.
  46. Go skinny dipping at midnight in Rio.
  47. Stay the entire summer with my kids on an exotic island.
  48. Make my own wine.
  49. Take a shower underneath a waterfall.
  50. Write the story of my life.
  51. See a Broadway Play.
  52. Be well-known for good reasons.
  53. Send a message in a bottle.
  54. Visit Ireland.
  55. Swim with Dolphins.
  56. Learn to play Tennis.
  57. Learn to play the Harmonica.
  58. Vacation the South of France with family.
  59. Stay the weekend at a Casino in Vegas.
  60. Ride a Camel in the Desert.
  61. Model for a magazine.
  62. Be a mentor
  63. Start a charity concert.
  64. Give someone my autograph.
  65. Learn to love myself.
  66. Do something nice for someone daily.
  67. Sail on a yacht.
  68. Go to Aspen.
  69. Have a backyard get-away with a hanging bed and a treehouse.
  70. Meet someone famous.
  71. Give an award.
  72. Receive an award.
  73. Take my children to Washington, D.C.
  74. Sing in a church choir.
  75. Be my best self daily.
  76. Visit American Troops
  77. Sit down with my grandmother and write the names of the people on the back of her old photos.
  78. Be influential.
  79. Go to the Super Bowl.
  80. Throw a major party.
  81. Take a weekend trip with each of my children one at a time.
  82. Spend New Year's Eve at Times Square.
  83. Take my kids to the Macy's Thanksgiving Parade.
  84. Donate money to a group home of mentally challenged adults so that they may go somewhere on vacation they have never been before.
  85. Go to a party at the Playboy Mansion.
  86. Write a famous Broadway Play and star in it.
  87. Pour concrete for a sidewalk that me and my kids can walk in and make hand prints.
  88. Play in the rain with my kids.
  89. Record old stories from my grandmother and her sisters childhood as told by their mom.
  90. Pose for a painting for our family portrait.
  91. Have a family picture with my mom, step-dad, brothers, sisters, in-laws and all our children.
  92. Have a picture of my children made with my grandmother and her sisters
  93. Bury a time capsule
  94. Learn how to cook like Martha Stewart.
  95. Learn to sew.
  96. Be able to explain something that I feel I need too to someone I once loved.
  97. Dance on stage.
  98. Pose for a nude painting.
  99. Sleep on a hammock on the beach.
  100. Own a beach cottage.

Do you have a Bucket List?

I would love to see your ideas! Comment back with a link!


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