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1001 Movies You Must See Before You Die

Updated on October 29, 2013

This is one item I am including on my Christmas list. I LOVE movies! I have watched a ton in my lifetime but I am sure I have missed plenty of gems. This book may help me find those "must see films".

The Book

This book is the 5th edition, just published in October, 2013. It starts with silent films from the year 1900 and goes through 2012, highlighting the 1001 movies you must see. They are broken down in the indexes by alphabetized title, by genre and by director. I plan to use a highlighter with mine so I can keep track of the films I have seen and have yet to see.

Inside the book, each movie included has a synopsis written by an impressive list of contributors. Professors, critics, writers, film editors and more. They give you insight into the films included as well as the plot/story line. they also list the country of production, director, producers, screenplay writers, photographers and cast of each film.

Why Do I Want this Book?

As I said, I am sure I have missed some great movies from the last century or so. There are times when we want to watch a movie and have no idea where to start. We are pretty up to date from about the mid 80's to today but there are hundreds of fantastic films made prior to that.

I have also found that my local library has a lot of older films or the ability to get them for me. This will be a wonderful resource as I work my way through the book.

Will I watch every single one of the 1001 movies listed? Doubtful, but I am gonna give it the old college try!

The book is truly a great resource whether you are just a movie buff, student, history lover or movie DVD collector.

Comedies, Dramas, Foreign, Horror...

you name it, if it's a must see, it's included in the book.

Some of the movies included in the book are:

  • The Great Escape - 1963
  • The Departed - 2006
  • The Docks of New York - 1928
  • Heavenly Creatures - 1994
  • Titanic - 1997
  • The Lord of the Rings -- 2001, 2002, 2003
  • The Great Train Robbery - 1903
  • Way Down East - 1920

And many more... well 993 more to be exact!

I am gonna love being able to track what I have seen and have fun tracking down those that I haven't. Between my Kindle account, the local library, friends, family and Amazon, it will be an adventure! No more looking at each other trying to figure out what movie to watch. We will have the perfect guide at our fingertips!

I can't wait for Christmas morning!

Aren't you or don't you know a movie lover that would love this book?

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