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101 Great Times and Places to Write

Updated on January 9, 2012
Life is a journey and the sky is the limit. Write.
Life is a journey and the sky is the limit. Write.

1. At the top of a tree

2. In the back of a Taxi cab

3. In an  airport terminal

4. Aboard an airplane

5. In a museum

6. In an art gallery

7. In the bathroom

8. On a park bench

9. In the bath, shower or hot tub

10. In the rain or the snow

11. In an empty classroom

12. Facing a blue screen

13. In the theater before the movie starts

14. On the roof of a house

15. At the beach

16. At an amusement park, while standing in line

17. While wandering the streets of a foreign country

18. While waiting for the fish to bite.

19. While riding the bus

20. Wherever you are, instead of watching T.V.

21. At the bar

22. At a casino

23. In the middle of nowhere

24. After you’ve just gotten off the phone with someone you love

25. After a big argument

26. While stargazing

27. While listening to music outdoors

28. While riding on the subway

29. While sitting at the back of a dance club

30. In the pool

31. While walking on a treadmill

32. While surfing the internet

33. Inside of a cave

34. In a tent at night

35. By candlelight

36. During a stormy night

37. At 3AM

38. In the woods

39. In your car

40. In someone else’s car

41. On a farm

42. In a bookstore

43. In an underground bunker

44. In a submarine

45. At a concert

46. On a cruise ship

47. When you’re feeling sad

48. When you have ten extra minutes you don’t know what to do with

49. When something you see or read makes you angry

50. After you’ve just spent some time volunteering

51. In the garden

52. In a meadow

53. Near a monument or landmark

54. At a parade

55. While relaxing with a drink

56. In a restaurant while you wait for your food or drink

57. In the basement

58. At an airshow

59. On a hiking trail

60. At the top of a mountain

61. At the bottom of a valley

62. Next to a river or creek

63. In an ancient house or building

64. In the waiting room of a Police station

65. Under a bridge

66. At your desk, while clicking this ad to support the author  :)

67. With your back against a running dishwasher

68. While sitting on a running washing machine or dryer

69. With a friend or partner as a romantic activity

70. In an abandoned house

71. On a bench in a shopping mall

72. In a coffee shop

73. At a graduation

74. In a windy tunnel

75. At a poetry reading

76. While eating

77. While holding a friendly snake

78. While petting a cat

79. While taking a long elevator ride

80. At the top of a skyscraper

81. In a hotel room

82. While sitting alone in a dark room

83. While at an opera concert

84. While hiding in a closet

85. In the middle of the city

86. In a fruit orchard

87. In a temple or church

88. In a laboratory

89. Beside the fire

90. At a friend’s house

91. At the border between states or countries

92. Under the blankets

93. At a resort

94. At an old battlefield

95. While getting a haircut

96. At a cultural event

97. Somewhere extremely windy

98. At burning man

99. In the middle of a lecture

100. While someone else is painting, dancing or playing music

101. When you’re relaxing next to someone you love.


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    • Tom_Radford profile image

      Tom Radford 

      8 years ago from Singapore

      Phew... I've got work to do! Might take a dictaphone instead of my laptop to some of these.

    • Michael Shane profile image

      Michael Shane 

      8 years ago from Gadsden, Alabama

      I think you got it covered my friend! Cool hub!


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