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101 HubPage Topics or Blog Posts I Hope You Write About

Updated on April 15, 2011
Pen Name for Authors
Pen Name for Authors

101 Topics


To start out people often wonder where I get topics to either blog about or create a HubPage about. The answer I tell them is that there are so many topics you can write about.

If you just open your eyes and think for a few minutes about anything and everything you have ever done or seen and you can write about it.

The age of technology has made writing easier by the day for anyone interested in making some money by blogging or writing with great platforms such as sign up if you like.

This article is not here to help you set up a blog or become a member of the elite team of HubPage writers, I wrote this HubPage to give you 101 ideas that I hope you will write about or at least give you starting point to get the ball rolling.

Why you might ask, I simply say because each minute you keep your ideas unpublished is another minute that the article will not be seen by anyone. So this means zero money, notta, nothing, zilch. Who can read your work, if it only exists in your mind.

The Internet is full of posts and information. Some is good and some is not so good, but the idea is to get it out there and in due time someone will read it. What I've done while on break from work is come up with 101 topics that you could use to write about.

The only favor I ask is you bookmark the hub and use it when you run out of ideas or topics to write about. If you choose copy and paste the 101 topics to a notepad or word doc and print them out if you like or if this will help you.

However you feel you can keep your posts and hubs going, is the way you generate cash and steady income.

One favor don't forget to vote this hub up if you like it at the bottom of this post.

Here is your 101 Topics or Blog Posts I Hope You Will Write About

101 HubPage Topics Or Blog Posts to Write About

  1. 50 funnier Facebook status updates
  2. 5 Ways to capture a screenshot on your pc
  3. Best way to draw a foul in basketball
  4. Top ways to clean a keyboard and computer screen
  5. Types of household ladders for mom
  6. Dad loves his channel changer
  7. How to get a cat hair off a sweater when traveling and in a hurry
  8. Constructing a pole barn the easy way
  9. Are wheel barrels just for moving dirt
  10. How to change a wheel barrel tire or fix a flat
  11. Recycling used clothes pins
  12. Making crafts from old clothes pins
  13. Best uses for hole filled socks
  14. Things you can put on a pizza
  15. Online games that you play everyday
  16. Social websites you visit the most
  17. How to stack wood to make a chord or half chord
  18. 50 popular twitter hashtags
  19. My mother wants to be friends on Facebook
  20. Why not to quit your day job yet
  21. Make money on the weekend with a yard sale
  22. Ways to conserve energy
  23. 20 grocery items to buy every week
  24. Ride a bike to save gas money
  25. Counting spare change to save for a trip
  26. What to do if you feel constipated
  27. Funny gifts for stocking stuffers
  28. Did you kiss Santa under the missile toe
  29. Barbecue food tips that kids love to eat
  30. How to cook a baked potato on the grill
  31. How to cook corn on the cob
  32. My sneakers are dirty what do use to clean them
  33. My favorite super hero is
  34. Filing an insurance claim for a damaged roof
  35. Keeping your pool safe
  36. Solar heating pools the cheap way
  37. Installing wire strips for a wall outlet
  38. Save money on your cable bill with lower plan
  39. What bills should be payed online instead of mailed
  40. Recycling junk mail to make note pads
  41. Reading to young children before bed time stories
  42. Does she wear a pump up bra
  43. Vitamins that work for energy
  44. Drinking water do we drink enough
  45. Knee problems and how to protect them
  46. Straighten hair
  47. Safe shoveling techniques
  48. Watering the lawn how often is to much
  49. Weed killers that are green
  50. Travel guide for airplane travelers
  51. Is translation easier with a translator
  52. Imagination at work
  53. The day dreamer is he really listening
  54. Favorite video hosting
  55. Places I blog
  56. How I get traffic to my website with Craigslist
  57. Turn positive energy into income
  58. Where to place ads OK on website that convert
  59. Affiliate marking that works
  60. Making google your friend
  61. Why Bing can help your website grow with organic traffic
  62. Billiard games
  63. Blogging for money with freelance blog
  64. Business practices that keep you on track
  65. Contacts and why they are important
  66. Interview with a returning war veteran
  67. Amazon online
  68. Child support laws
  69. Presidents that dropped the ball
  70. Witch hunt
  71. Where should you be in 5 years
  72. Doing time life behind bars
  73. Fighting, who wins in divorce
  74. Books I would like to write
  75. What to spend money on conservatively
  76. What book I have read
  77. Ways to make money on the internet
  78. Difference between truth and lies
  79. Music I enjoy the most
  80. Laptop cooling systems
  81. Where to find a good job
  82. Somebody said it
  83. How to make a good presentation
  84. Public speaking
  85. Using Firefox extensions
  86. What is copy and paste
  87. Stocks that pay dividends
  88. Secrets to backlinking
  89. Forums that interest me
  90. Wordpress themes
  91. Features of iPad 2
  92. The best cell phone that you must have
  93. Keyboards and typing tutors
  94. How to sign up for Google adsense
  95. Finding your home newspaper online
  96. DIY projects for home improvement
  97. Clothes from the 80's that are in style today
  98. Download files to your PC and be able to find them
  99. Search engines and why I need them
  100. Writing grammar skills
  101. Saving files online for backup access anywhere

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