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11 Sure Ways to Write a Profit Pulling Product/Service Reviews

Updated on June 2, 2011

Writing Product/Service performance reviews happens to be the in thing these days, and any body with a Computer and Internet connection can easily scribble some sentences or words into reviews and post them to sites like Ciao and Doyoo, and expect to get paid for writing junk in the name of reviews. I have written a couple of reviews for some sites like Epinions, most of these reviews have had their fair share of page views and hits. I would have left this topic for the gurus, but it pains me many times when I log into one of my favorite write reviews sites, I get to see so many reviews written by so many amateur writers (no offense intended), and some of these reviews could be considered as spam and deleted in a short while.

Now consider that most of the people who write these reviews, took out some useful time, to sit in front of their computer screens; hitting the keyboard hard with fury, just to get these reviews up and running on the sites they’ve registered to write reviews for, but after all these painstaking work, you post your reviews, the expectations you had initially begins to fall.  As the reviews never gets to be read or even noticed by other users, the ratings begins to fall; and one feature of most of the Review sites I have used,  is that other users vote for contents either up or down, and as your reviews get more votes down, the next option is to kick it out of the way for more powerful and interesting ones, sad did I hear some one say, but this is the reality when you do not learn the ropes of any thing you embark on doing, writing reviews Inclusive.

This is why I decided to take out time, and look at what I did with the few of my reviews that had fared well in user ratings. Like I said in the beginning, I am not yet a guru, so I stand to be corrected if possible. All I am offering is what I know, in my own little way. So join me as I list out 11 things I always do when I want to write powerful and interesting product and service reviews.

Eleven could be the number...

1)      Do Niche Research before you Choose a product or Service to Write a Review for: these days it is relatively easy to conduct a research on any niche area. Free tools like Google Trends and Yahoo buzz can come in handy when you do this. The good thing about carrying adequate research is that it helps you avoid unnecessary log jams most newbie writers encounter when they first get on the online marketing biz train. Other places you can feel the pulse of what people are buying and desire includes the following

-          Affiliate Directories:  Affiliate directories like ClickBank, Commission Junction, and are a few places to start from. The good thing here is that, at these sites you get a comprehensive list of products, grouped under various niches and sub niches, you also see how they are faring in the market. For example, at clickbank,  all you need to do is visit the clickbank market place, choose the niche: for example Health, under health and fitness you can choose men’s health as a sub niche: you’ll get a list of digital downloadable products ranging from  e-books to software, you get to see the best sellers, how many downloads and so on. One other thing I do here after choosing a particular product is,   I head straight to the landing or sales page for the particular product I chose: when there, I look at the sales copy, I look out for key points in the sales copy, what I mean by key point is the value of the product that makes it unique and needed by prospective users: this is often in bullets. After I take note of the product value, I look at the keywords used, long tail inclusive. Looking at the concept of the sales page for the product, I now sit down to construct my reviews, starting first from the title, I use almost the exact phrase used on the sales page: for example if the sales page read

“How To Lose 10 Pounds in 5 daysI’ll want my own review title to look almost the same like “Lose 10 pounds easily in the next 5 Days” or “A quick guide on how to lose 10 pounds in just five days or better still “Secrets on How I lost 10 pounds in just five days Revealed”. If you look at the following headline, you’ll notice that I used lose 10 pounds, except for the last one I used lost, just to keep the theme of the sales copy going., other places to conduct research will include;

-          Forums: The power of forums especially niche based forums like the warrior Forum- Internet marketing, Askmen Forums- For every thing dealing with Men’s issues etc can never be neglected, especially when you remember that forums are free to use (unless may be you feel like being a premium user with more user privileges as in the case with the warrior forum). I got the concept for this article recently when I visited one of the forums I was a regular on, here I saw a thread on writing paid reviews; here a particular user asked other forum members on how to write reviews that gets easily noticed; and the response was really wonderful, a lot of people on this thread gave their insights on how to succeed with paid reviews, most of the points raised will be used in the course of writing this article. I also get general writing ideas via using forums. To achieve this, you need to do a search of niche based forums, you can use the site Big-Boards for your research, on big-boards, you get a list of forums, its geographic location, number of members, and range of issues discussed. Join the ones that meets your requirement and needs, register and start posting, follow threads that you find interesting, look at the various contributions by other users, if you are savvy enough, you’ll identify a need and in some cases if you can offer the solution do so without hesitating, when you become known on the forum, other members who see your useful contributions will feel comfortable when you make recommendations for them, and if you just wrote a product review, you can give this user a link to your product review, your reviews get more page views, and the more page views you get, the more money you make. On the other hand, if affiliate links are allowed in the body of your review, the same user might decide to purchase or sign up something via you referral link, and you know what that means, it means bling!

-          Online Shopping Portals: Online shopping portals like Amazon and eBay can give you the kind of information you’ll need in writing your reviews. Here you look at product catalog based on the various niches, it also gives you a list of top products that are getting hits and making money. It is on one of the popular shopping portals that I got to know of one of the hottest products shoppers are reeling over themselves to buy, and that is “Teeth Whitening” , I observed that many people are becoming obsessed lately with having a brighter and broader smile, and the only way the can achieve this is having a clean white teeth. This goes to tell you the importance any person serious not just with writing reviews, but online marketing as a whole must attach to inline shopping portals.

-          Blog Directories: Blog directories are getting the kind of buzz that is quite alarming and useful when conducting research for the hottest niches, blog directories like technorati, blogcatalog etc are few places in mind you can stop by to get good and constructive ideas for writing reviews. At these blog directories you see different listings for different category of niches bloggers blog on, here you look at the various topics the blogs cover, get the number of page views of the blogs listed, then you can determine from the page views, what niches more people are interested in and why. You can visit the blogs with more page views, see what they blog on, then develop great ideas you can use for your reviews based on the various niche contents of these blogs.

-          Other places to Conduct Research includes: ebook directories like scribd, , P2P, Sites, Torrent Sites like Rapidshare, Micro blogging sites like twitter etc.

2) Do a Comprehensive Keyword Research: Before I embarked on writing this article, I first of all conducted a keyword research on word tracker and Google adword free keyword tool for the search term “writing reviews”, the results I compared the results I got from these two keyword tools by number of searches, geo-location, and density. This is also very important when you are writing reviews for a particular service or product. For example if you want to write reviews for “golf” you can further break it by adding “golf balls” hit the go button on your keyword search tool, compare the results, then pick the search term that has sufficient number of searches, avoid keyword that offers stiff competition. For example if you search “golf” you are up against the big guys with so much money to spend on adwords, you are also to lock horns with top SEO experts who are the masters of the game, rather if you search “cheap golf course in Alabama” for example, you get relatively low search, but a more likely hood of your review making it tops at the various search engines SERP. This is why conducting keyword search before writing a review is very important.

3) Build a Reviews Blog or Hub: With free content management systems (CMS) like blogger, hubpages, and squidoo, you can write your reviews using any of the listed CMS. With blogger, you can add adsense and Amazon widgets that are contextual, you can build hubs with a set theme; say “I-Phones” participate in Google adsense sharing, add Amazon and eBay products, you can do that as well with squidoo lenses. The good thing with this style is that Blogger, Hubpages and Squidoo have a large user community and seeing people who share the kind of interests like you is very easy. When you build a professional image for your self, it will help get more exposures for your reviews. You need traffic via link backs for your hubs, blog and lenses; below is a check list of some traffic generation tip to employ to get more page views for your reviews blog, hub or even lens.

- Social Media: the buzz about sites like FaceBook, Twitter, Xanga, StumbleUpon, LinkedIn., Digg etc is one that can not be ignored. To get more hits for your reviews, you need these sites. For a site like FaceBook (though I am not a big fan of FaceBook) estimated to have about 60,000,000 users world wide, getting people who will love your reviews can be very easy, the other sweet thing about Face Book is that you can import the RSS Feeds for your reviews to your profile, and it will be visible on your wall, now if you have so many RSS Feeds from various reviews, you can get them together into a single feed url address by using a free service by Yahoo known as yahoo pipes which will combine all your feeds into one, making your reviews to update as you write new ones. You can also turn your reviews into tweets, this is also be very useful if you have a large follower-ship like Oprah or Ellen, then if you prefer your tweets to appear as feeds, then a free service by can come in useful in converting the tweets from your reviews into feed that you could burn using Google’s feed Burner.

- Writing and Submitting Articles: This is the most effective free marketing technique that can never exhaust itself. It is a method that will work today, try it again tomorrow, it will work, and even use the same method ten years from now, it will still yield results. I am still getting hits from articles I wrote since 2006, getting a back link by way of submitting articles related to the kind of reviews you write can be very useful in the long run, especially if it is from a directory with a high PR like, etc. there’s so much info on this site on this method of writing and submitting Articles, and I won’t waste time explaining it, so you can look for hubs on this topic and read it up in your spare time.

- Forum Posting: Ignore forums and you do that at your own peril, I have an array of forums I use all the time to drive traffic to my reviews. But in other to be successful in this method, you need to be a problem solver in any thread you contribute. In one of the forums I used, I explained to one user finding it difficult to get out of debt and was facing foreclosure on what to do, he heeded my advise, then I went further to give him the link of one of the CPA Affiliate products I was promoting, he signed up and I made a nice commission for my effort.

- Placing Comments on Blogs and Hubs with the same theme as Your Reviews: if you write consistently on this site, and interact regularly with other hubbers, especially those one who write on the kind if topics you write on, you’ll understand the importance of comments. When I first got on this train, I never understood the power of back-linking, I felt my hubs can generate the traffic they needed to earn me the cash I was dreaming of getting as an author on this site, but I was wrong. Well sorry if I have digressed a little, I was telling you of the power of using comments, comments are like a link back to your writings, I only understood this when I started participating effectively on this site, initially I had just 7 followers, and I was following no one. But the moment I started placing useful comments on hubs I found interesting, it was like I just woke the sleeping giant. Many hubbers who loved my comments or who found them controversial started contacting me, some began following me, others left me fan mails, but the most beautiful thing of all these, is that a fellow hubber, who loved my comment on one of her hubs, decided not just to follow me, but to link my hub with her own; and come to think of it, her hub was getting real traffic more than mine, and having a link of my hub in her hub is a very powerful link back and traffic booster for me: if you understand SEO, because this is a cool link juice for my own hub. This is the power of placing useful comments in action. Now when you want to place comments, make sure is not one of those mediocre comments I see regularly, like “nice hub”, “good info, thanks”, “I like it” , all what these kind of comments will earn you is the hubber replying you, yet on his or her own hub with “thanks for dropping by” “it is nice of you to comment, thanks” and so on, none will follow you or even bother looking at your profile, let alone follow you. But if you place a good and educative comment, add some thing to what has been already written, introduce a different view to what is being discussed by way of controversy, this hubber will say “ hey, who the heck is this guy, let me see what he’s got” and Bingo! This hubber will want to click through to your hubs, and he or she loves your hubs, they follow you, drop you a fan mail and place their own comments on your hubs and in some cases (like with the one I explained above) interlink your content with theirs , try me and you’ll see it works.

- Other Traffic Sources: this includes posting press releases, I just found out recently that had a sister site who offers free press release service, just go to the site and log in for more info, craigList for classified Ads, creating free ebook related to the area you write reviews for free download etc.

4) Sign Up with Good Get Paid to Write Reviews Sites: Actually this is supposed to be the first thing you should, but I’m introducing it as the number four thing because, you have to first understand what writing reviews is about, how to research, what to write reviews for, traffic sources and so on: after when you have known all these, then it is time for you to know the best companies and out fit who pay writers like you and I to write reviews on their platforms. Now below is a list of some site who register publishers and writers to write reviews and earn; I use some, others I don’t.




- www.payperpost

5) Write Regularly: This is the problem of many writers (me inclusive) when it comes to writing reviews for money, you sign up, upload your picture on your

Profile and all of that: you look at the site, choose a product you know a thing or two about, write and upload a review, look at another product and repeat the same procedure, then sit back and wait for the dollars to roll in. if this is what you are thinking, then sorry as you are yet ready to join the select few making real money from this method. This is where the issue of consistency come in. even on this site, your blog or any where you registered to write, if you are not regular, then do not expect to earn any dime from your little effort. If you doubt me, you can ask. For example, those hubbers who have close to a hundred or even more hubs on their stables can boast of close to $1000 monthly adsense earnings: I know of a hubber I’m currently following with over 500 or more hubs on her name, this lady from what I inferred earns close to $2000! in adsense earnings (this is not exaggerated) Amazon which is not all that a top earner- she gets like $180 or more dollars, and kontera and eBay are still making her money. So the secret of earning on these sites (Hubpages too) is consistency. Once you are regular, then expect your earnings to be regular too.

6) Never Spam: Oh I hate spam, this is why every site, especially those ones who understand the virus called spam now use automated spam filters, to fish out spams and spammers. Now you might want to know what could be considered as spam. I’ll like to list below, the ingredients of a spam soup;

- Keyword stuffing: This is the number one spam ingredient, a lot of writers in the bid to rank high for a particular keyword, result to keyword stuffing. Stuffing irrelevant and too many keywords will negate the meaning and essence of your writing, making it look like an amateur writing, and trust spam bots; they are fast to stop such contents in their track, sending it to the filter, and most importantly to the bins

- Writing Duplicate Contents: Not just spam bots alone detest duplicate contents, but search engine spiders as well, so avoid pasting too many duplicate contents of the same review all over again. I was a victim of this crime, when I got banned recently from one of the sites I was wring for. What I did was that, I placed the same review I wrote for 3 categories, the truth was that I was reviewing a digital product, and instead of reviewing it in the correct niche or category it belonged, I decided to play a fast one and placed in three different categories, I got in this web of deceit and got booted out completely from the site; so I don’t want to you to suffer the same fate, so avoid duplicate contents period.

- Plagiarizing: This could be likened to duplicate contents, but the difference here is that you are not the original creator of the content you are uploading as a review; a typical example is using PLR Articles written in the form of reviews, do a little re-write, then upload. One word of advice, never do this. Remember most advertisers and third party sites and even fellow users can easily detect a plagiarized content, and if they do; they flag your review as spam. If you are fond of doing this, then consider it game over for you.

- Lastly, Avoid Blatant Self promotion:in as much as self promotion is necessary to gain exposure for your contents, but you have to do it wisely, especially if you post on dig, stumble upon and co. if you also use forums, don’t go posting links to your reviews unnecessarily as other forum members can find this annoying and flag your profile, and the next thing is you getting booted out and posting privileges suspended. Be Warned!

7) Attract Huge Followers Who Love What and How you Write: These days this can be very easy, with sites like Google Buzz, FaceBook, Digg, Twitter and most importantly here on hubpages. When you garner followers, it becomes relatively easy to get traffic for your reviews. To attract follower that’ll remain loyal to reading your stuff, you need to do the following;

- Make your Writing humorous

- Write on topics people Love to read about: example- personal finance, blogging, golfing, writing, dating and relationships etc

- Make it concise, stay on Point and straight to the Point, not digressing.

- Be creative with your writing Style

- Avoid controversial topics example- religious beliefs and dogmas, gay activism, abortion and birth control etc

- Hate writing and Topics like terrorism, rape, gun rights and gory description of violent acts should be avoided as well or you risk loosing a great number of your followers who only want to be entertained via your reviews though knowing what is in vogue, what is cool and what is not and so on.

8) Develop a Style and Stick to it: As it is with every great writer, there’s always a style. Develop your own style and remain with it. This gives your writing, reviews especially a touch of professionalism. There’s one great Hubber I follow on this site, Ben Zoltak, this guy is a humor merchant. I have read a couple of his Hubs, most especially the ones about his tortoise; it is one that makes you laugh and laugh. This is what I call style. So create a style you will be known for. Is it satire, narrative, humorous (like Ben), descriptive, academic, controversial etc make it look like you, let it be known that every time such a writing pops up there’s just one person who write like this; You!. Do not write like another person, just because I want to be funny with my writings, you do not expect me to write like my friend Ben. to create your own style, below is a check list of what you should do

- Read other people’s stuff

- Write out extracts on topics you know and let friends read and criticize them

- Start a free blog on any niche you know about, do you like racing; then start a racing blog.

- Write, write and continue writing.

- Just do your thing and a Style is born

one traffic generation resource I find really useful

9)      Never Write Hateful Reviews full of Invectives and Curses: Hateful reviews can really put you in bad light and make a lot of people hate you and any thing you write for. I know of this particular writer on Triond, another place I write, this guy's stock in trade is writing fake news, I read one of his reviews for a particular product he was reviewing, his writings was full of fake details, hate and any thing you can call it; this particular guy wrote on the Death of Play Boy’s Founder Hugh Hefner when Hugh was busy recruitng new play mates after Holly and Kendra left the mansion; this same guy was the first person who wrote on Rock Star and Pamela Anderson’s former squeeze, Brett Michael’s death; when Brett  was just reported to be sick. He was trying to be controversial, but a lot of Hugh and Brett’s fans saw this as hateful and irresponsible. This is why I love Hubpages, as it will be against its editorial standard and this guy’s account will be banned, but on triond he was simply having a field day with his hateful and false reports. So try much as you can to avoid hateful remarks, racist slogans, and religious extremism. If you were reviewing a product that you used that was not really up to user standard, just be frank about it, write about the flaws of the product; it will help the manufacturer correct these flaws for a better user friendly product.

10)      List the benefits, merits and Demerits of any Product or Service you are reviewing: one thing any advertiser and most importantly any consumer loves is a frank and well written review. For example one feature that makes stand out was their Customer’s review corner, it helped you understand the product and why you should buy or shun it. When other companies understood the importance of this, they too implemented it on their board. Writing frank and honest reviews is one tool that will endear consumers and even advertisers to you. They will trust you and your judgment, the advertiser will be fast to respond to your criticism, because it is constructive and not destructive as in the case of my Triond Friend (lol), and the consumer will be wary of the product as nobody will love to buy some thing that will not satisfy the yearning for which you acquired the product. So spell out the benefits of the product, explain why it is something worth buying, tell the consumer what makes you love it the most; now if there are flaws of which you noticed, write it out, make your reader get to know it, explain to the advertiser or manufacturer what that needs to be done to improve on it. For example, when the free blogging platform Blogger came on board; that is before Google’s acquisition, a lot of flaws was noticed, and a lot of programmers were quick to point it out. Even after Google acquired it, those flaws where still there, like poor template, absence of a custom domain, poor search engine rankings etc; but today the story is different. We now have a blogger where you can easily upload your own custom template, use your own custom domain before it was , but now you can publish this domain on This was possible as a result of sustained criticism by way of reviews by users, which lead the programmers on the board of blogger to improve on what was previously the case, to a more user friendly blogger loved by so many people.

11)      Write well. Earn well: This happens to be the last and simply the most important tip, just write well and do all that is required of you to do. Write good reviews, network with other reviewers, social bookmark your reviews, back link them and just write well and earn well.


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