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12 Obscure Words To Spice Up Your Writing

Updated on June 10, 2013
This is not a living room. It's a xenodocium.
This is not a living room. It's a xenodocium.

YOLO is the motto of many irresponsible teenagers who need an excuse to do idiotic things. However, this can be turned around to say, why not learn as much vocabulary as you can in your lifetime, after all, You Only Live Once! Besides, don't you want to know what a xenodocium is? And do you know the word that means "to turn someone into stone?" That's why you should definitely read this article.

An ennead of eggs! How exciting!
An ennead of eggs! How exciting!
Augustus Gloope, a fubsy paradigm.
Augustus Gloope, a fubsy paradigm.
Saxified individuals.
Saxified individuals.
The appropriately named heliotrope flower. Can you guess what color the heliotrope is?
The appropriately named heliotrope flower. Can you guess what color the heliotrope is?

12 New Words For 2012

(With sentences showing proper usage)

Celation- To hide a pregnancy

-Fearing the ridicule of her peers and the condemnation of her parents, Sandra committed celation by wearing extremely baggy clothing for nine months.

Ennead- A set of nine

-Alex had an ennead of problems; he was broke, cold, hungry, tired, lost, hurt, had only one leg, deaf in one ear, and was being chased by a rhinoceros

Fubsy- Chubby and fat

-The extremely fubsy boy fell into Mr. Wonka's chocolate river.

Heliotrope- A light shade of purple

-The heliotrope painted walls of the room sickened me, but amazed my little sister.

Jugal- The cheekbone

-My 42 year old dad Terry managed to break his arm, crack his skull, and fracture his jugal while trying to skateboard.

Razbliuto- The psychological term for falling out of love with someone.

-By the time the full feelings of Razbulito had set in, Tom's wife had been dead for 10 years.

Saxify- To turn into stone

-To put an end to all the insanity, Frank saxified Brad, Janet, Dr. Scott and his friend Coloumbia.

Scrumble- A type of knitting in which one piece of freeform work is joined together with other freeform works to create an extremely large freeform work.

-Alice was thrilled to be invited to join a scrabble group, but was crestfallen to find out that it was actually a scrumble group.

Sourdine- A mute for a violin or trumpet

-To alliviate the ghastly sounds being emmitted from the girl's violin, her parents put a sourdine on the instrument to lessen their tremendous earaches.

Xenodochium - A place for the reception and entertainment of guests

"Please sir, sit down in our lovely xenodochium and help yourself to some of the rat poison in the corner."

Zoonosis- Any disease that can be passed from animals to people.

"Is mono a zoonosis disease?" asked a worried looking Anna, holding a monkey with lipstick on its lips.


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    • Chris Neal profile image

      Chris Neal 5 years ago from Fishers, IN

      Like hey, man, this is a far out and groovy hub! I mean, fer shure, this is radical and awesome!

      Seriously, though, I loved it. Voted up, interesting, useful and awesome!