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12 Site for Free Books Collection Online

Updated on August 31, 2016

There are several other places to find links to free books or ebooks. But the below are my favorite websites for free books online. The list is more like bookmark for myself. And I hope book lover will agree to this bookmark.

There are several other websites for free book. But the below 12 is best one for me. I often return to these sites for my reading and to refer any book.


  1. Bartleby
  2. Gutenberg Project
  3. Bibliomania
  4. The Online Books Page
  5. Many Books Net
  6. Audio Archive
  7. WikiBooks
  8. The Oxford Text Archive
  9. PlanetPDF / Planet-e-Book
  10. NetLibrary
  11. Perseus Hopper
  12. Scared Texts
  13. More…

You can write your personal choice, if any at the space available at the end of this artilce. Also add comments if you have any.

1) Bartleby:

Bartleby is pure classic! This is my favorite place to visit to read collections of classical work. Bartleby is one the leading Internet publishers of reference and literature for researchers, the intellectually curious and students to have unlimited access to books and information on the Internet without any charge. The website itself is designed classically simple and easy to navigate. It has four broad categories:

  • Reference
  • Verse
  • Fiction
  • NonFiction

There are enough books and materials to read in one's life time. We have such classic as Roget’s II: The New Thesaurus (3rd ed. 1995), containing in excess of 35,000 synonyms. William Shakespeare’s 37 plays and 154 sonnets, Amores by D. H. Lawrence, Bernard Shaw’s play “Man & Superman” … the list is endless – including Bible, works of HG Wells … so on so forth

2) Gutenberg Project:

The fame project for free books is by Gutenberg Project. They have more than 28,000 free titles directly under their online catalog, with over 100,000 books available thru the project and its affiliates. Books are available for free downloads in different formats. Some books are available in audio – some in human audio and some computer-generated sound.

Books can be downloaded in plucker version to read it on smartphones or plam organizer.

3) Bibliomania:

3) Bibliomania:

Like Bartleby, Bibliomania also for book lovers who love to read classics. Free to read online, you can as well shop these ever green classical works. You can read or browse through King James Bible, or Qu’ran or read the plays of Shakespeare, or History of American Literature, or the ancient book on sex Kamasutra; or Perfumed Garden!

And also there is separate section for study guides and resources for students and teachers covering wide range of books on English, American Literature, Psychology, and Religion etc…

4) The Online Books Page

The Online Books Page It is more directory than website of free books.  The website has directory listing of over 35,000 books.  Easy to navigate and found any book that is available free on the net.  They have listed and linked to books available on Gutenberg Project, Bibliomania, Scared Text and many other resources across Internet.

5) Many Books Net:

Many Books Net

Listed here are 23,000 plus books for free downloads in various formats. Formats included are: iPhone, PDF, Plucker, PalmDOC, PDF Large Print, TCR, iPod, ePub, Isilo, iPodNotes, Zip, RTF, MobiPocket, MS Lit, Kindle, JAR. The collections of books are wide and excellent. Easy to navigate and browse.

Besides you can read online or also some books are available on audio format. Like Bhagavad Gita’s audio links.

6) Audio Archive:

If you are lazy to read, then listen.  Audio archive is library for audio and MP3 files, containing over two hundred thousand digital recordings that include books, poetry and religious discourses.  You can also download these MP3 and audio free.

7) WikiBooks


One of my popular place is and WikiBooks is good for educational books and materials. I have downloaded the “Programming in C” book in pdf format for a relative. Definitely it is at par with any other printed book available on the market.


8) The Oxford Text Archive:

The Oxford Text Archive

Almost 2000 work of classic archive in text format by Oxford Text Archive. OTA develops and catalogues literary and linguistic resources electronically.

9) PlanetPDF / Planet-e-Book


planetEbook offers books in PDF format. There are several books. Free pdf ebooks can be found at And also there is several information on converting to pdf. I have downloaded Moby Dick, the first adventure bestseller published in the world, in 1851.

10) NetLibrary:

 The World Public Library Association Collection  has catalogued 500,000 plus ebooks in over 100 languages.  One of the finest place to find any book or reference materials.  Be it collection of 133 PDF ebooks of CIA information or 365 enlightenment lessons from Himalayan Academy Sacred Hindu Literature Collection.  You will also find links to books from Asia

11) Perseus Hopper:

 The Perseus Digital Library Project started in 1985.  If you interested ancient classics of Greco-Roman world, this is right place.  The cover history and culture of Greco-Roman World, they have materials of 19th-Centuary American and Renaissance Materials etc.

12) Scared Texts:

My personal favorite is Scared Texts. It is one of the largest internet archive of books on religion, mythology, folklore, tantric. To keep the website free, they charge small fee for DVD version of the site and separate CD-Rom versions.

The site has covered almost all the religions of the world. Also they have books and text covering mythology, customs and cultures of the world.


Besides the above dozen websites, there are several websites that have documents, write-up, texts, all free for downloads. But in these sites, the materials are normally uploaded by general public and users. These sites hold user generated contents. Sometimes, they upload text or books without any regard to copyrights. But still it is worth to have a look at these websites:

What is your favorite booking hunting website?

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    • zanaworld profile image

      SA Shameel 5 years ago from Bangalore

      thanks SunilKunnoth2012 for your visit and posting a comment.

      These websites I have been frequently for the past 15-years. You will find these websites really very useful.

      Great you like this hub. You can also mark this hubpage as useful.

    • sunilkunnoth2012 profile image

      Sunil Kumar Kunnoth 5 years ago from Calicut (Kozhikode, South India)

      I have noted this hub for a serious reading later. Thanks for sharing such wonderful information. Keep on writing such nice stuff.