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13 Ways of Looking at a Wolf

Updated on May 23, 2015

13 Ways of Looking at a Wolf


Beneath the powder-covered trees

Lays a canine of giant proportions;

Here lies a lily-white wolf.


The wolf’s sharpened teeth clenched

Upon a doe’s long, brown neck,

Spilling rose-blood onto the green blades

Of an evergreen, pines forest.


The wolf glides through the December snow.

It’s agility slowed the force of the bitter wind.


A man is a dog’s best friend,

Yet a wolf

Is a man’s worst enemy.


The hairs prick and sting me

Like diseased syringes,

But with the wolf’s velvet tongue

Upon my invisible wounds

I am healed.


The moon shined in my bedroom,

Casting a shadow near my window.

The wolf’s silhouette

Blends with the bark of the trees

That hold the seeds

Of trees to be.


Why must the wolf

Be such a bad omen?

With their far-seeing eyes

And their strong paws and jaws

They excel in what a domestic dog cannot do.

Are you still afraid that they can’t love?

They are known to have soul mates.


Yes, it has lead Little Red Riding Hood

To a path that lead to a dead end.

The wolf did swallow the grandmother,

Half-moon glasses,

Cotton-laced nightgown

And all.


The wolves were the guardians

Of a Goddess of magic and helped

Light the way for others that were lost

In the lightless and nightless abyss

Of melancholy.


With the way the wolf stood

On top of the rocky hill,

She resembled royalty looking upon

The peasants of humanity.


While the raven quothed, “Nevermore”

And the black cat lost her eye,

The wolf sat in the shadows

of the chamber doors,

Waiting until he drifted asleep.

Then it will have

His tell-tale heart.


The wolf has been here;

The sheep are missing.


It was the shortest day

The sun had this year.

The cigarette-ash clouds

Made the day much shorter.

The wolf lies with her family,

Surviving over deer, stone shelter,

And themselves.


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    • DzyMsLizzy profile image

      Liz Elias 

      3 years ago from Oakley, CA

      Quite an interesting look at wolves. I, too, love wolves; I find them majestic and mysterious as well as beautiful.

      Voted up and awesome.


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