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14 Hearts of September

Updated on May 12, 2016

One hundred opportunities
Two hundred priorities
With all the things you've tried
Time is never on your side
You build defenses with haste
Only to have it all go to waste

You claim to be stout
Ready to win another bout
But inside, you're afraid to try
Saying "Once bitten, twice shy"

She did fall, once, twice, thrice
But all didn't end up nice
A pact she swore, never to succumb
Never to care, forever numb
A fragile heart horribly scarred
Her sweet love mercilessly marred

It won't be long before she's gone
A year is just a short run
Two semesters before her finale
And she'll consider you trivial

With days turning into hours
You chase her in the spectrum of stars
A maze of mirrors, an infinite puzzle
All taking a toll on your muscle
She flies, she soars, she's all divine
But your love for her, you can't define

Before the 14 hearts of September break
One bold move you must make
Shatter your doubts, crush your fears
In the end, its either smiles or tears
But when failure seems to have won
You will come completely undone


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