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15 Writing Secrets of Professional Content Writers

Updated on September 24, 2015

Writing Secrets

Are you a wordsmith or struggling hard to be one and have you ever find it very hard to make your content more kicky but always failed to grab the attentions of enough eyeballs? Of course… most of the writers went through such situations in the beginning of their career in content writing or blogging. If you are one of them, then you need not to worry because I am going to explain the most productive professional content writer skills below.

I know most of you always spend enough hours to research on the particular topics and most of the time ended up with blank thoughts. Well, in expressive writing you do need not to utilize more of your mind because you just have to be practical, analytical and expressive. Once you start analyzing about your topics practically you would better feel like you are in the ocean of thoughts. Here, I am going to suggest 15 secrets of professional content writers that can drive you towards the peak of writing skills and helps you to produce innovative write –ups.

1. Kick start with clickable Titles

Your efforts does not ends with writing an awesome content only because you have to kick start with such titles which can enforce your readers to click on the title you have suggested for your content. Analyze which type of titles can grab many eyeballs; mainly I have noticed that such title grabs the attentions of people which hold an abeyance in its title or heading only also gives a hint about the content. For example- In “15 writing secrets of professional content writers” the “secret” word holds the abeyance and can boost any writer to click for once at least.

2. Keep every line engaging

To bring your reader into you content is not enough to drive traffic into your website or blogger. You need to write every word and sentence interesting that can keep your reader engaging. In other words, avoid writing anything like expressing your questions in the exam hall because such type of write- ups can lead you to out of focus and enough to backfire on your efforts as it can stimulate your visitors to lose their interest.

3. No need to be formal every time

Do you ever have interest in reading history books? I hope most of us never…because, we never get attracted towards formal write-ups or contents. Try to keep your writing style informal and casual and relate each and every topic with our day to day lives because readers put their efforts to read any content if they are going through the same phase. Suppose, you are going through bad phase of your writing skills then what you will do defiantly you would search for such contents where you can find relevant solutions about the same. Keep your- ups as per such prospective.

4. Research and pick the Words only

Only research cannot helps you to produce innovative contents because if you take seriously your research work then defiantly it would helps you to similar contents. So, if want to produce unique content than you should research and analyze what people say about topics and pick only necessary words that can help you to use in you fresh content. Always add new thought and new ideas in your content rather re-writing other contents that can also save your mind because if you give your thoughts then it does take much time to write down.

5. Keep your mind fresh while writing

I personally feel that I can write better whenever my mind is fresh and I am not loaded with any type of bad thoughts. So, either listen some exiting song before writing or keep your mind fresh while writing. If you feel that no more idea is striking in your mind than take rest for at least one day. Hang out with friends and plan for a get-together to rejuvenate your thoughts again and produce enticing contents.

6. Put your emotions in your content too

Never try to keep your write-ups more formal or as per machine scanner only and put some emotions into them too because your reader is more likely to read your content if you had written your content in expressive way and including your day to day problems and their solutions. It is human nature that every person takes interest in such things where they feel they would find relevancy with their life.

7. Keep your words to the point

No one like circuitousness of language in content writing no because no one like to read one content for more time because at the same the reader have so many similar contents to read and go through so they would never waste their time to understand your circuitousness of language. Keep you content to the point rather expanding with unnecessary words.

8. Customize your contents as per Spider robot

Never restrict awesome contents make them robot friendly to make them available to everyone. Well, you may have good tactics to make your content SEO friendly but try to add clickable keywords in Title and stuff the keywords properly with correct keyword density.

9. Avoid keeping content more robot friendly

If I have mentioned in above content that to keep your content robot friendly that does not mean that your overstuff your keywords which does not make any sense and make your readers losing their interest because these can backfire your website or blog and increase your bounce rate and in return decrease traffic on your website.

10. Keep relevancy to your title

Have you ever noticed that you are searching for any content and you once got the title that is relevant to your keywords that you searched in your Google Search Engine but when you scroll down to read it you would find that the content is out of focused and writer does not have showed relevancy in its write-up. So, keep relevancy in your write-ups with the title you have suggested.

11. Possess unique style of writing

Do you have unique style of writing if not then find out one? Many of contents are written in same topic and available everywhere on the internet. Writer would stick to your write- up if your writing style is different than others so always try to possess unique style of writing rather copying others style of writing.

12. Approach every topic with uniqueness

Always find a unique and different way to approach every topic and keep engaging your content line to line. Try to be more logical and practical in all the data you are covering in your content and also put some relevant examples too.

13. Keep lengthy but never get out of focus

According to my opinion and knowledge I found that Google’s Spiderbot tools always scrawled out those content first which are searched in search engine, who have more than 1500 words in their content. So, never get out of focus to make your content more lengthy than 1500 and try to keep readers engaging and interesting till than end.

14. Proofreading is necessary in the End

Before winding up your content always proofread all the content and edit them if necessary because there may be some errors or miswritten words in your whole contents. Proofreading of your content also helps you to find out whether your content is interesting and sounds kicky or not? If not then you can easily edit at the end.

15. Wind up with inspiring lines

Once you done with writing your every aspect of suggested title then wind up the content with an inspiring and pleasant line. Never leave your content in between without winding up properly. Your reader should feel with your content that you have been in conversation with them in whole content.

In expressive writing you do need not to utilize more of your mind because you just have to be practical, analytical and expressive. Once you start analyzing about your topics practically you would better feel like you are in the ocean of thoughts.

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