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15 richest women of the world

Updated on April 18, 2016

15 Richest women of the world

To become the one of the richest people in the world is a dream of every human being. Whenever we think of richest person then only a few names come to mind that is Bill Gates, Warren Buffest or Steve Jobs. We hardly think of any women who have accrued wealth and become rich. But in this era of women empowerment, women have made a place for themselves in the world’s billionaire list. In this article, we pulled a list of top 15 richest women of the world who have joined the rank of billionaires.
1. Christy Walton
Christy Walton was married to John Walton who was the son of Sam Walton. Walton family is known for the one of the most lucrative corporation in the world and history. The famous Wall Mart was founded by Walton family. After the death of her husband John Walton, Christy Walton inherited her husband’s share of assets and property and has a net worth of $ 41 billion. She gave her extreme wealth to good use and become a philanthropist. She runs a charitable foundation of Walton family.

2. Abigail Johnson
According to Forbes business magazine, Abigail Johnson is one of the powerful women in the world. She is a niece of the founder of Fidelity Investments Edward C. Johnson II. Abigail family hold 49% of the share of the company and her alone total worth is $14 billion. She holds the CEO position of the Fidelity Investments and become only women to serve the Fidelity Investment board.

3. Susanne Klatten
Susanne Klatten was born in Bad Homburg, Germany. Herbert and Johanna Quandt raised her. She was once kidnapped in 1978 for ransom. She becomes one of the 15 richest women of the world list. After her father’s death, she possesses the 50.1% stake of her father pharmaceutical business Altana. Susanne uses her wealth into more projects. She purchased all shares of her father company Altana by 2009. She holds 12.5% shares of the BMW car manufacturer.

4. Miuccia Prada
Who does not know about the famous fashion Brand Prada? Miuccia Prada an Italian fashion icon makes the top 15 richest women in the world list. She is responsible for bringing the Prada brand forefront in the world. She took over luxury good’s brand of her father in 1978. With her hard work, she makes the Prada Brand world famous. She holds Ph.D. in political science. She accrues a total wealth of $11 billion and her wealth is kept on increasing.

5. Maria Asuncion Aramburuzabala
Maria Asuncion Aramburuzabala is Mexican businesswomen. She possesses a total wealth of over $5 billion. She holds the chairperson position of a “Tresalia Capital”. She is known as Marisun among her close friends. The wealth of her family rose after her father Felix, established “Grup Model”’ a brewery company.

6. Margarita Louis-Dreyfus
Margarita Louis-Dreyfus was born in Russia. On her journey to London, she met Robert Louis-Dreyfus who became her husband. After her marriage to Robert, she gives up her career and become a wife. Robert holds the majority of the Olympique de Marseille team. Now Margarita holds the position of Head chairman of the company Louis Dreyfus Group. She has a net worth of $10 billion.

7. Liliane Bettencourt
Lilian Bettencourt was born in the French family that has established the famous company of cosmetic brand L’Oreal. She was the single child of Louise Madeleine Berthe and Eugène Schueller. She is a socialite and businesswomen. She holds the net worth of $41 billion which makes it easy for her to make in the list of female billionaires.

8. Laurene Powell Jobs
Laurene Powell Jobs is the widow of the late Steve Jobs who was the founder of the world famous Apple brand. She has two daughters and one son. She runs Laurene Powell Jobs Trust, which was formerly known as the Steven P. Jobs Trust. After the death of her husband, she possesses $38.5 million shares in Apple and $9 billion dollars in Disney shares from Steve. Her wealth is close to $20 billion that makes her one of the wealthiest women in the world.

9. Johanna Quandt
Johanna Quandt is a widow of Herbert Quandt. She worked as a secretary in her future husband’s office and helped to save BMW from bankruptcy. Both work together and raised $44 billion dollars business of WalMart.

10. Jacqueline Desmarais
Jacqueline Desmarais was married Paul Desmarais who was the owner of Sudbury Bus lines for 1 CAD. She had two sons and two daughters. After the death of Paul, her worth is overt $4.2 billion that makes her one of the richest women across the globe.

11. Iris Fontbona
Iris was married to Chilean businessman Andronico. Her husband was one of the richest people in the world. He had founded the Luksic Group. After her husband’s death, she and her children inherited his wealth. Iris has herself a net worth of $13 billion.

12. Gayle Cook
Gayle Cook was born in Bloomington, Indiana. She and her husband established the Cook Group that manufacturer the medical equipment. Currently, she is one of the Board of Directors for the company. Her husband died in 2011. Gayle holds the wealth of $6 billion.

13. Charlene de Carvalho-Heineken
Charlene de Carvalho- Heineken possesses the controlling interest of Heineken International which is the 3rd largest brewing company in the world. She married Michel de Carvalho who is a financier, former actor. After her father’s death, Charlene inherited 3 billion pounds. She has a net worth of $11 billion and one of the richest women in the world.

14. Alice Walton
Alice Walton is a daughter of the founder of the famous WalMart Company Sam Walton. Though she is not involved in running the WalMart business but she still possesses a wealth of $34 billion. Alice holds B.A in finance and economics from Trinity University in Texas. She worked as a head of Arvest Bank. She is being content to single

15. Maria Franca Fissolo
Maria Franca Fissolo is a new in the list of billionaires. She is a widow of Michele Ferrero who founded the famous Italian candy-and-Nutella company. After the death of Michele, she and her son Giovanni Ferrero are inherited the wealth of one of the largest candy fortunes along with other brands like Nutella, Tic-Tac mints, and Kinder chocolates. She holds the worth around $23.4 billion.



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