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75+ Apps And Tools For Freelance Writers

Updated on February 1, 2018
Image taken from Pixabay Collection.
Image taken from Pixabay Collection. | Source

Being a freelancer can be a breath of fresh air when you are tired of your 9 to 5 job life. You can be your own boss, work from wherever you want and you're able to choose your own schedule! Seems dreamy, but starting a freelance business is not all fun and games. 'With great power comes great responsibility' and you can bet that if you don't have the best resources at your side you will have a hard time while freelancing. For that same reason, here is a comprehensive list of the best apps, resources and tools us, freelance writers can take advantage of while doing what we love more - writing. Without further ado, here is it!

To summarize:

  • Job Boards
  • Writing Websites
  • Productivity, Organization and Time Management
  • Writing and Editing Tools
  • Apps
  • Social Media
  • Communication
  • Photography
  • Graphic Design Tools
  • Money

Job Boards

- Blogging Pro – a comprehensive list of blog writing and copywriting that is updated regularly.

- ProBlogger Job Board – If you are more interested in writing blog posts or copywriting, the ProBlogger job board has several opportunities listed frequently.

- Journalism Jobs – more indicated to the ones who are interested in journalism jobs, but with some writing opportunities.

- Online Writing Jobs – Updated quite regularly, this job board and has a lot of different categories

- Freelance Writing Gigs – A great resource for freelance writers. They look for writing jobs in websites (like Craigslist) and compile them for you.

- Who Pays Writers – This website specifies how much do publications and websites pay freelance writers, according to other freelancers who wrote for them.

- All Freelance Writing – from the website All Freelance Writing, this gives a curated list of writing opportunities for freelance writers.

- Morning Coffee Newsletter – different from all the websites listed above, the Morning Coffee is a newsletter that lists, daily, tons of writing gigs.

Image taken from Negative Space photo collection.
Image taken from Negative Space photo collection. | Source

Writing Websites

All Freelance Writing

Be a Freelance Blogger



Freelance Writing

Freelance Writing Gigs

Funds for Writers

Elna Cain

Helping Writers Become Authors

Make a Living Writing

Pro Blogger

Pro Writing Aid

She Writes

The Write Life

Write To Done

Writer's Digest

Writers Weekly

Writing Revolt

Productivity, Organization and Time Management

As freelance writers, we know productivity is key when it comes to keep up with our schedules. Day-to-day tasks, sending pitches, dealing with clients and writing can all be a mess when you are wasting your time with the wrong stuff, so here are some easy breazy tools that will help you manage your busy shedule.

- Toggl

- Freedom

- Momentum

- TeusxDeux

- Buffer

- Write or Die

- RescueTime

- Todoist

- Focus Booster

Writing and Editing Tools

From digital proofreaders to spelling checkers, editing tools might as well be writer’s best friends. A great way to improve self-editing or a simple way to stop fishing for grammar errors yourself, here are some of the most efficient editing apps.

- Hemingway - Hemingway is an editing tool that highlights any errors you may have, edits your pieces and it says that will make your ''writing bold and clear''.

- Grammarly - This tool is a life saver. Think of a digital proofreader, a grammar error detector and a spelling checker. Grammarly does it all, so you don't have to waste time reading and rereading your writings.

- ZenWriter - ZenWriter is a minimalist writing app, that makes all the writing process much simpler and peaceful, offering music, backgrounds and other things that making writing, a breeze.

- After the Deadline - Another writing editor, it checks language, grammar and any misspelling you might have.

Image taken from Unplash Collection.
Image taken from Unplash Collection. | Source


There is an app for everything, and when you are in the process of writing, staying organized, on track, or simply motivated can be hard. So here is a compilation of the best apps for writers.

- Evernote: this is basically a virtual journal, where you can take notes, organize your documents and images, make checklists and even use it as a diary.

- RhymeZone: if you can't think of rhymes, synonyms, definitions, etc., RhymeZone has you covered.

- Cold Turkey - it will block any distractions you may have and will only show the text until your word target or agreed working time is reached.

- Dropbox - this one is cloud space so you can keep all your pictures, documents, files, videos and more, in the same space, while it syncs to all your devices.

- Mindly - a mind mapping app, Mindly has a visual interface that you can sync to your devices and share.

Image taken from Stocksy photo collection.
Image taken from Stocksy photo collection. | Source

Social Media

With this day and age, having a presence online is a key way to market yourself, specially if you are working freelance. Here are the best social media platforms for writers:








- Gmail

- Skype

- Google Docs

- Postbox

- Boomerang


We all know how important images are, mostly in the blogging world. Sometimes we want to use some for our articles, and sometimes editors themselves ask for them. And for us, writers, finding free images can be tricky sometimes, so here is a list of the best stock images websites.





Styled Stock

Negative Space

Death to Stock


Image taken from Styled Stock Photo Collection.
Image taken from Styled Stock Photo Collection. | Source

Graphic Design Tools

Designing is not something that is necessary in writers territory, but is always good to know some tools that help you, whether you wish to design book covers or simply to edit pics for blog posts. Here are some of them.

- Canva

- Illustrator

- Photoshop

- Papyrus

- PicMonkey


- Afterlight


The freelance world is a mess, more so when it comes to taking care of finance. Sending invoices, keeping track of your earnings and savings and staying sane, all at the same time, can be almost impossible if you don't have the best tools by your side. Below are some of the best resources for keeping track of your wallet.

- Paypal - Paypal has over 100 million users, and for a good reason. It's an easy and convinent way of purchasing online and making and receiving payments in a secure way, while just using your email.

- Shoeboxed - This tool offers a simple way of keeping track of all your receipts and business cards, which is great when you have a great amount of invoicing related stuff you need to manage by yourself.

- Freshbooks - This invoicing tool makes the whole invoices and billings ordeal a lot simpler, with it's easy to use interface. Ideal for small business owners and freelancers.

- Wave - A free, simple-to-use accounting tool, Wave makes the process of dealing with accounting a breeze. Cloud-based, again ideal for small business owners, entrepreneurs and freelancers, is a good alternative to Freshbooks

- Mint - Mint is a personal finances app that allows you to keep track of your earnings. It syncs to other accounts and uses a very minimalist aproach to billing and budgeting management.

- FreeAgent - According to reviews, it has a great costumer service, FreeAgent is good for people who deal with all the finances part of business by themselves.

- Invoicely - Another free tool, Invoicely was made to ''create and send invoices and estimates, track time and expenses and accept online payments.'' according to their website.

Image taken from Stocksy photo collection.
Image taken from Stocksy photo collection. | Source


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