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16 November 14

Updated on March 31, 2017

Calling All Angels

Connection's lost

Vitals still strong

Lucky for him

I'm still breathing

No blood on his hands

None to wipe away the pain

He's gonna gain

Let him loose

Cut the cord

Let him learn

Nothing's worse

Than having sense

Giving nonsense

Spreading kindness

Perhaps, one day that will be


First Love Last

She knew before I did

That our love would be ever lasting

From deep inside

Her mind to mine

It was magic

It's a beautiful friendship

It's also, all

All anyone needs to move past,

Past all the bullshit.

Love that lasts

Is love that stays

Never runs away

Believe in me

Despite all the stupid things

It's what we have

It's all we need--to be free and full of meaning

Give me nothing, else

Sweet Nothing--


Take 5


And then...

There's you, in all your beauty

You're the one

Who sits and stares

Learns and observes

Protects me, from the demons.

Without you,

There may as well be

Nothing left in me.

No sad thoughts,

Just knowing your grace, is enough

For me to surpass, look past

In the eye, and say


Final Thought

And when you find yourself

Drowning in pity

Remember you chose this life

You made that choice

And the consequences

Although a result,

Can be malleable

Just believe in something

That lasts past today.

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