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Updated on May 30, 2017


MOOD is a fluctuating entity. It reflects your profound thoughts and your contemplation. Accordingly your rumination is reflected on your face as 'mood'.

Mood may sometimes turn out to be a philosopher while at other times mood portrays itself as a confused scholar. Mood is confusion of your heart's mind which may rapidly clear out and appear to be a brightness.

Mood is like a 'SWING'

Mood , the swing,

the sage, philosopher,

the intellect mind

still to discover.

The confused scholar,

the bewildered fellow,

either red in delight,

or pale yellow.

Triumphant swing,

glowing radiant,

but soon to rupture,

this perplexed jubilant.

Severe heartache,

desolate low spirits,

the mood muddled,

beyond all limits.

Vexed, annoyed,

indignant displeased,

oh! Exuberant perky,

all play has ceased.

Mood is irate,

Or dull tedious,

chaotic affliction,

or dancing delirious.

Mood is like a burning candle

To create well, I have to be in good mood, happy and cool.

— Marc Newson

What is mood according to you?

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    • Debangee Mandal profile image

      DEBANGEE MANDAL 3 months ago from India

      Thank you so much Manatita.

    • manatita44 profile image

      manatita44 3 months ago from london

      An array of useful quotes. Mood is ever-elusive and like the splashing water or the tail of a dog, impossible to pin down. Noble effort.