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16 and foolish

Updated on March 2, 2010

march 10, 2004 (Written 2 years after I had done something I was not proud of.  Although, it helped me grow and become a better person.)

the black beast of malice that creeps through my mind

leaving me with the belief that my soul is yet in a bind

when i made the mistake - i had no clue

that this whole world would make me feel like a parvenu

dragging yourself into the depths of riffraff with the same evil creed

it makes you wonder how they got themselves in this clutch of selfishness

committing the same sinister deed

absent-minded whores going against God's Will

catching a potency of desire and a mildly cheap thrill

a misinterpretation of love, an illusion of lust

cost me the sanctity of existence i felt was a must


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