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19-Love Letters from Vietnam: Tim's 22nd Birthday - Alone, In Love, and Away

Updated on August 15, 2016

12 August, 1969

For an Index to all of the letters in the Tim and Kate episodes, click here.

Dear Kate,

Hello, my love. I hope this letter finds you well and happy. Thank you very much for the card; it's comforting to know someone is thinking about me. Particularly, I want to thank you for the little poetic message. I thought it was very good. Then again, I never id know anything about poetry. Thank your mother for me for the card and the money, but most of all thank her for thinking of me. But hell her that the bribe, although I'll accept it, won't do her any good. Ha! I still think she was too hard on me during my leave. (Don't let her know I said that. Shel''l probably take it seriously!) She's one of my favorite people.

Well, when I awoke this morning, I was 22 years old. It didn't at all measure up to my expectations. I felt no sudden surge of maturity, nor was I inculcated with the wisdom of the ages. Perhaps my 23rd birthday. My 21st birthday must have brought me some wisdom for it was during that year I fell in love with you. And with my 22nd birthday, I have the wisdom to realize what a gift God has given me.

Classes are still boring, but my outside reading keeps me stimulated. Although the instructors have the desire to teach well, unfortunately they haven't been properly trained. It saddens me to listen to a well-intentioned man become frustrated in his attempts to express himself. I've got to admit life has been pretty good to me this past week. That is, except for the usual army games. We had a shake down this afternoon. The C.O. came through looking through our lockers. For what? I don't know. Probably to remind us that in the army we have nothing we can call our own.

I'd better close for now and get ready for the inevitable 4:00 tomorrow morning. Take car of yourself, Kate.




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    • KatyWhoWaited profile image

      KatyWhoWaited 7 years ago

      jan! Thank you for encouraging comment! I just created an index hub that will make finding the letters in sequence easier. Cheers. Here's the link:

    • profile image

      jan! 7 years ago from Chicago

      I just found this site, but I will be reading all of it. It's just so compelling.

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