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1947; a Milestone year in Bible Prophecy

Updated on April 8, 2016

The year 1947 had a number of very significant events which continue to shape our lives, culture, politics, and foreign policy. The year 2016 represents the 70th anniversary of these events, so it is reasonable to reflect upon them, and explore the possibilities they may have for continued impact in the near future.

o The Marshall Plan was proposed. The intent was to help European nations recover economically from World War II. The economic stimulus to Europe which this plan offered led to the creation of the United Europe Movement which ultimately culminated in the formation of today's European Union (EU). Many prophecy scholars claim the EU is the restored Holy Roman Empire of the Bible's End Times prophecies.

o The fledgling United Nations voted to partition Palestine and create the independent Jewish state of Israel. The controversy over this tiny slice of land dominates much of our nation's foreign policy in the Mid-East yet today.

o The Dead Sea Scrolls were discovered in Qumran. Among the scrolls was a complete text of the Bible's Book of Daniel believed to be the oldest copy ever discovered. Other texts have contributed to a renewed interest in Gnostic beliefs, chiefly illustrated by the recent Da Vinci Code books/movies.

o The reported crash of a UFO at Roswell, New Mexico sparked new interest in UFO's. UFO believers sometimes use this and other related incidents to support an argument against Biblical truths.

o The Truman Doctrine became a pillar of US foreign policy and committed us to defend any nation against Communist aggression. This led directly to US involvement in the Korean and Vietnam Wars. The Vietnam War, in particular, birthed a counter-culture revolution which still is having major impact on our nation.

o The US Army's ENIAC computer was the first to have internal storage capacity added. This development marked the world's entrance into the Information Age and greatly facilitates fulfillment of Daniel's prophecies concerning "greatly increased knowledge".

General George Marshall author Marshall Plan

ENIAC world's first computer

o Two American inventors, Walter H. Brattain and Tom Bardeen created the first electronic transistor. This greatly enhanced the capability of electronic devices and further fueled the explosion in technology, especially computer technology, that continues unabated today.

God created the world and all life within it in six days and rested on the seventh. The Bible records six thousand years of mankind's history and prophesies a future one-thousand year rule of Jesus Christ on earth. Both these things symbolize the completion of God's Work. Could this 6 to 1 relationship work in other aspects of God's dealings with mankind? Could the 60 years since 1947 spell the end of one era of God's work and usher in the completion of that which was begun in 1947? If so, could it be that we are ten years into a final chapter in mankind's history. It kind of feels that way to me.

Dallas Wilkinson is a novelist, satirist, and social commentator. He can be reached at


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