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20 Essential Slang Words You Must Memorize

Updated on July 31, 2019


*awkward silence

I was not even able to ask him What did you say?

That's my reaction when I heard entirely informal English slang.

A slang word is an acronym or abbreviation of two or more words. Its usage is completely informal and majority of teenagers on social media or in daily conversation use it. Slangs are changing all the time. It could be for one or two year.

Do not you worry here is a list of essential English slangs. Practice how to use it. So, what are you waiting for? Scroll down you MOFO!

1. AF - as f*ck (enough)

I'm tired af!

They were all crazy af!

2. BAE - before anyone else (beloved)

This slang is mostly use for a person who are in a relationship.

Meet her, she's my bae.

3. BASIC - one who like mainstream trends or popular things

She's kinda BASIC because she likes new products.

It's not bad of being BASIC at all.

4. EPIC - extremely happy or entirely fail

Whoa! that was an epic fail.

This is an epic moment, don't ruin.

He's a LAME person. Nobody enjoys his company.

6. SAVAGE - severe and awful

This slang has couple of meaning. As a noun it means 'ferocious person'.

They're living a SAVAGE way of life.

Being a SAVAGE, killing someone not a big deal for him.

7. EXTRA - over the top or dramatic behaviour

According to dictionary, it means the same something that is more than needed or required.

David is so EXTRA, he dresses as if just stepped out of a bandbox.

8. YAS OR YAASSS & YEA - yes, yup and yeah

These slangs are use to get agreed enthusiastically. A way to show excitement or agree.

YAAAS! we're with our leader.

Yea! that's quite right.

9. WOAT & GOAT - worst of all time & greatest of all time

These circumstances are WOAT in my life.

Shakespeare is GOAT in English literature.

10. LIT - something 'on fire' or intoxicated

Today's party is gonna LIT!

We're all completely LIT for summer vacations.

11. FOR REAL - honestly or actually

FOR REAL, yes it's worst of all time but you only live once, man.


12. HYPE - excited or pumped

There's hype across the country for elections.

Man always get hyped for traveling.

13. WOKE - "awakened," as in being highly aware of social injustices

If you're so woke, why didn't you vote?

People are getting less woke in moral activities.

14. YOLO - you only live once (encourage people to seize the day)

YOLO! man, just let it all go.

Of course you should go on that trip to Dublin! YOLO!

15. SALTY – Acting upset or bitter

Don't act so SALTY in front of each and everyone.

These accusations are salty to digest. I'll sue them.

16. BRUH - seriously

Bruh! will you go there in order to meet your father?

I mean bruh! she proposed him.

17. HUNDO P - a shortened form of 100%

I'm HUNDO and ten P sure, they were there.

18. BOUNCE - leaving suddenly

So! are you ready to Bounce us? do not go now if you can.

She bounced at the time we met.

19. SLAY — killing it, succeeding in something

Beyonce SLAYED that show!

We shall SLAY in it hopefully.

20. FAM & SQUAD - one whom you trust like family & bunch of freinds

I'm going to watch movie with FAM.

Our squad is famous in university.


© 2019 Arslan Yaris


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