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20 Forgotten Words :: English Language

Updated on July 7, 2012

20 Favorite Forgotten Words in English Language

A few years ago I came across a very beautiful website called (Make sure you switch on your speakers to get the maximum fun out of the website) by Oxford Dictionaries. At first I couldn't stop 'playing' with it due to the fact that the words are literally calling out to get adopted!! I even tricked my friends by asking them if they knew the definitions and some of the answers lead to so much laughter. Eventually, I forgot all about it until now...and for the past few days, just cannot get enough of savethewords! Enjoy!

Here's the first ten lost words:

  • Philargyrist - someone who loves money. eg; I didn't know you were such an addicted philargyrist that you would ignore your studies just to post videos on YouTube.

  • Sparsile - of a star, not included in any constelletion. eg; The new model felt like a sparsile amongst all the others in Hollywood.

  • Patration - completion or perfection of something. eg; What Liza didn't know was that her colleges had organized a surprise party to celebrate the patration of her novel.

  • Venundate - to buy and sell. eg; Ebay is a great place to venundate all sorts of things - no wonder my neighbor cant find that nasty dog of hers.

  • Pamphagous - eating or consuming everything. eg; Ms. Overweight was denied yet another proposal today. This was the result of her being such a pamphagous eater.

  • Phlyarologist - one who talks rubbish. eg; He was a brilliant phlyarologist and hence he succeeded at the elections.

  • Cecograph - writing device for the blind. eg; He invented a cecograph which funnily lit up when it was plugged in.

  • Gnathonize - to flatter. eg; Mary is wise enough now to not understand another gnathonizing beauty products salesman.

  • Radicarian - pertaining to the roots of words. eg; Maximus's vast radicarian knowledge of Latin came in useful during the final round of ' Are you smarter than a fifth grader?'

  • Plebicolar - appealing to the common people. eg; These days directors want to make movies that are plebicolar in nature.

Lost words continued...

  • Soloecal - provincially incorrect. eg; Most folks who work with a plough will never lose a toe, but Jim-Bob had managed to make nine separate soloecal errors.

  • Temerate - to break a bond or promise. eg; Each year in January I'm all steamed up about my weight loss resolutions, and by the third week I'm contemplating to temerate my vow to self.

  • Inveteratist - one who resists reform, one who holds to tradition. eg; Most inveteratist cultures in Asia do not approve of inter-caste marriages.

  • Vanmost - foremost. eg; During a sudden fire outbreak, a mother's most vanmost interest is of saving her children. Even the most precious diamonds in her safe is forgotten.

  • Ictuate - to reiterate eg; Steffy kept ictuating about how happy she was to be selected for the inter-collegiate dance competitions.

  • Blateration - blabber, chatter. eg; I had to listen to my mother's blateration for like forever just because I came back late from the tuitions.

  • Starrify - to decorate with stars. eg; My toddlers were so fascinated as they discovered their starrified bedroom ceiling that for a few moment they had forgotten all about their bedtime story.

  • Hecatologue - code consisting of one hundred rules. eg; The boss gave us a hecatologue governing the usage of office resources.

  • Antipelargy - reciprocal of mutual kindness; love and care of children for. eg; The prodigal son never gave his loving father any form of antiperlargy.

  • Sacricolist - pious worshiper. eg; Liza was a sacricolist who fervently believed in the existence of a higher being, except for some parts of New Jersy.


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