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20 Items or less line

Updated on April 10, 2013

I was on the way home when my cell phone rang. It was my wife; she told me

to stop by the local Wal-Mart to pick up a few items she just had to have. She said

it shouldn't take me to long. It wasn't too crowded, and I got what I needed in a

short time.

I had thirteen items so I went to the check-out that said twenty items or less.

There was only one of them open. The lady in front of me had over forty items. Of

course, at one time or other I have had over twenty items and went to the twenty

items or less check-out myself. It took a while for to get all of her items rang up.

Then she looked in her very large purse for about a dozen coupons. It must have

took her five minutes. She gave them all to the cashier who then rejected two of

them for having expired dates on them. The lady then searched her very large purse

again for some coupons that were not expired. After another three minutes she

found them. Finally, she completed her transaction, or so I thought. Her credit

card did not work. She then searched in very large purse for another credit card.

This time it only took about one minute.

After she had finally finished, I started to unload the items in my basket and

looked behind me and saw a man with a gallon of milk and box of cookies. I told

him to go ahead of me. The cashier passed the box of cookies and then the milk in

front of the code reader. When she put the milk on the counter she didn't have it all

the way on and it fell and the milk container broke spilling milk all over. She

called for a mop job and called for someone to go to the back of the store and get

another gallon of milk. This only took another seven or eight minutes. The cashier

was very apologetic. I looked around at the other check-outs but they all had two

or three people in line. While the milk was being delivered the man paid for the

two items and when the milk got there he took it and was gone.

Finally it was my turn. Everything went smoothly. A trip thru the check-out that

should have only taken five minutes at the most took an hour, or so it seemed. I

thought what I had gone thru at the check-out just to get a few items was a bad

experience until I got to my car. The lady that had trouble finding her coupons in

her very big purse, had a dead battery in her van. She was in luck as I was parked

next to her and had a set of jumper cables. The van started right up and she was on

her way home. I got in my car and headed home happy that I was able to help

someone in need.


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    • DeBacco profile image

      DeBacco 5 years ago from Louisiana


    • HazelAngeli profile image

      Rosette Fagel 5 years ago from Philippines

      Wow, that was an awesome job from a gentleman like you. You will be blessed for having the patience to wait and for being helpful to others.