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22-Love Letters from Vietnam: Stolen Muffins and Shaving Cream Fights

Updated on November 23, 2015

27 August, 1969

Dear Kate,

Hello my love. I hope this letter finds you happy and in love - with me that is! But I hope the separation does not weigh as heavy on your heart as it does on mine.

I was disappointed to find that you couldn't make it down. But you're right, Kate. Perhaps God has other plans for us. I can see right now that it will never be just the two of us, but the three of us.

It's 4:00 now. I just got back from school As usual, Company B is having another GI party this afternoon. The CO probably found a finger print on one of the brass door plates. It's true my life now is a lot easier than basic, but my dislike for the "army" hasn't lessened any. Now that we're just getting settled down, they plan to move us to another battalion.

I received your muffins yesterday. Thank you! They were very good. As a matter of fact, someone broke into my locker today and all he took was four of your muffins. That's another thing I dislike about the army. Sixty percent of the people in it are idiots. (Let me clarify - that is not to imply that the person who broke into my locker was an idiot because he took your muffins.)

I just got back from chow. Typical army dinner - ten pounds of starch and one ounce of meat. As if the meal wasn't bad enough, all through dinner, my buddy O'Brien (remember I told you about him?) is giving me a not so brief synopsis of English history. Do you know how boring 1200 years of English history can be? Especially over burnt lamb chops? I didn't want to seem disinterested though, he seemed to be enjoying himself.

I'm going to try to get to bed early tonight - last night I didn't ger very much sleep. Last night the boys decided to have a shaving cream war. Despite my protestations of neutrality, I became a casualty. Half of the time, it's like kindergarten recess around here.

I hope things have been going well for you and your family. Give them my regards.

Well, I guess I'll close now. The only bright spot in my near future is my conversation with you on Sunday. Until the, my love, God be with youl



P.S. I need you...

P.P.S. because I love you


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