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20 Plus Legal Sources of Free Images

Updated on June 6, 2017

1. FreeFoto

Freefoto have the biggest collection of free photos on the internet. It is made up of 132,549 images with 3640 categories within 183 sections. Other than providing free images, they also offer quality versions that are for sale. is made up of 132549 images with 183 sections organized into 3640 categories.

2. Stockvault

Since 2004, has been providing more than 34,000 images for designers and students who want to use images for personal and noncommercial purposes


This site hosts more than 20,000 images from distributors across the globe and has photos taken in different places such as Europe, China, India, and America. Meaning if you want to look for images of China, Europe, America, and India then this may be an excellent resourcef. Photos are classified into 1400 categories. Photos can be used for personal or commercial purposes as long as you credit the source.

4. Visipix

This site is considered as the largest fine art and photo museum with around 1.3 Million exhibits. Started in 1999, the main purpose of Visipix is to provide users the right to gain to an unlimited number of images, whether for personal or commercial use. However, Visipix needs a financial support for the salaries, technology and internet bandwidth.

5. Free Range Photos

Free images on this site can be used either for commercial or non-commercial purposes. Downloading their photos requires you from registering for their account. This could also serve as a revenue source of photographers even though they give away photos for free. When someone clicks ads on their photo display, they will be paid.

6. NOAA Photo Library

This library is created to acquire the work, observations and studies performed by the scientists, commissioned officers, engineers and administrative personnel that work in scientific agencies.

7. Deviant Art

Deviant Art, as the name suggests focuses not just photography but also regarding art. Meaning they offer images that are not typically seen in most free images sources like freedigitalphotos or font play since artists and photographers produced them. They have over 238 millions photos, vectors and other illustrations from 24 million registered artists.

8. Creative Commons (

Creative Commons is not a website where we can acquire free images, but instead, it serves as a search engine access to free images provided by independent entities.

9 and 10. and

Both sites are owned by the same entity, which explains why I have placed it in the same place. Free is the original site that contains the main library of images, with more than 6000 plus free stock photos while the free images live are the source of free images where users have taken themselves.


This site provides 5000 plus free pictures and 6000 plus free clip arts for personal and commercial use

12. Free Image Files

This site has limited number of images and the categories are not organized, but worth checking

13. Free Pixels

Photos can range from abstract, concept, architecture, nature, objects, food and drinks, travel and people. CIick here for their terms of use

14. Photogen

Photos can be downloaded free, without restrictions.

15. New York Public Library

You may browse thousands of images using this site.


If your website focuses on history, then you may check this sources to acquire relevant images for you articles

17. Flickr

This site also offers thousands of free images, but you need to use the advanced search to do so. Advanced search only becomes visible when you started to search for photos. First, type what kind of image you want to use, for example, shumai. Then once results came up, proceed to the advanced search which is the right side of the websites search engine, which is besides the search blue button (this is where you type the word, shu mai). Click the word advanced search and check the options especially the following

Only search within Creative Commons-licensed content

Find content to use commercially

Find content to modify, adapt, or build upon

18. Wikimedia Commons

It is a database of around 17,477,534 freely usable media files to which anyone can contribute. These files include videos, sounds, and images. It has the following licenses Creative Commons licenses, GFDL, and Public domain.


It offers a wide variety of images, and almost all of them are public domain photos.


They offer free images but requires attribution.


Dreamstime offers both free and paid images. Search for free images that can be used for commercial purposes.


They also offer both free and paid images.


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