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20 Quotes by author E.S. Wynn

Updated on June 3, 2009

1. “There are exceptions to every rule, except this one.”

2. “There’s only one person in this world who controls whether you’re happy or not, and that’s you. If you’re unhappy– change.”

3. “Never fight fire with fire, but use a dog to fight a dog?”

4. “I don’t care what your dream is– it could be laying on the couch and playing World of Warcraft for hours, it could be professional skydiving– follow it. Follow it at all costs and never, I say never, ever give up the fight it’s going to take to attain it.”

5. “True self worth is measured in how happy you are in the life you’re living. Discover what you really want out of life, then go out and get it. As long as you stay on that path, you are a success.”

6. “The successful writer is one who writes everyday regardless of what other people say or think.”

7. “If at first you don’t succeed– stop, go back, and get a running start!”

8. “Revise, revise, revise, wait a few weeks, and repeat.”

9. “That, that’s corporate fear mongering. Never, ever let corporate control your actions.”

10. “The cost of life is easy– pain, suffering, heartbreak, loss, death. The rewards? More than you’ll ever live to see.”

11. “What is my goal in life? To live, to live as fully and freely as possible, with no problems, no regrets, and nothing to worry about. Well, and to have a page or two dedicated to my work in some Norton Anthology. God I love those things.”

12. “When the man with the money controls what the people see and what the people hear, and the people gather together in a herd, saying ‘if the man with the money doesn’t like it, it must be crap’ you know you’re living in a blind, sad society.”

13. “You know what kind of person hurts others and does it for his own amusement? A spoiled, rotten, undisciplined little child. Doesn’t matter how old they are. That’s what they are.”

14. “We are capable of so much, but ultimately we’re all procrastinators inside. Just look at the government, big business, the oil industry. It’s easier to do it one way, so we put off the better solutions– the true solutions– until tomorrow.”

15. “The best things in life are the ones you build with your own two hands. The more of yourself you put into a project, the better it ultimately is.”

16. “The man is worth less than a potato on a stick.”

17. “Me? I don’t believe in death. I don’t. I plan to live forever, or die trying.”

18. “Do something creative everyday.”

19. “He who has the balls –or she who has the ovaries– to keep pursuing their dreams no matter what it takes or who stands in their path is more of a success than those who give up the fight early.”

20. “Fun is a priority”


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    • Rebecca E. profile image

      Rebecca E. 8 years ago from Canada

      Some great quotes. I love them. Thanks for sharing.