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20 Quotes that Motivate me the most

Updated on April 2, 2018
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Besides writing, Prachi is also into choreography and web development. She currently speaks Hindi, English, Spanish and a little French.

There is something amazing about inspirational quotes, which motivate us and set our mind towards our goals. It changes our thoughts about ourselves. That’s the reason why I find them so important and must-read to progress better on our path.
The quotes affect our thinking positively and when we change our thinking, we consequently change the quality of our life. Positive thinking brings in motivation, the most important skill that we need to succeed.

Here I have compiled some of the best motivational quotes that have made me feel highly positive and more goal-oriented.

1. By Walt Disney

Walt Disney built a multi-dollar empire and is known for creating the most wonderful place on Earth. He surely applied this straight-to-business quote, to his life.

2. By Winston Churchill

It is impossible to complete this list without Winston Churchill. His inspirational quotes have been motivating so many people for so many years now.

3. By Will Rogers

Always keeping forward momentum, Will Rogers was an amazing actor, social commentator and a columnist.

4. Unknown

When we stop calling ourselves “losers” and become “learners”, the fear of failure decreases exponentially and increases our chances of self-growth.

5. By Vince Lombardi

Vince Lombardi was a renowned American footballer and his words are always uplifting.

6. By Steve Jobs

Steve Jobs is still alive by his words and work. His wisdom of life is extraordinary and his quotes are definitely passionate and full of motivation.

7. By Rob Siltanen

This quote is surely a game-changer. It depicts that it is all about our thinking. What we think is what we become and if our thinking is changed, we have already won the half path to success.

8. By Og Mandino

This is for everyone, since no one is born successful; everyone has to face hurdles and failures to get what they really want.

9. By Mohnish Pabrai

I love the quotes about entrepreneurship and this quote is nothing exceptional. It motivates me every time and is one of my most favorite life-changing lines.

10. By Maya Angelou

Maya Angelou was a very famous civil rights activist, who was known for her unbreakable determination and positive spirit.

11. By Johann Wolfgang Von Goethe

These lines are one of my favorites to talk about with younger ones. It motivates each one of us to make our life more practical and believe in actions rather than merely speaking.

12. By Brian Tracy

The best philosophical quote for a mental growth, it suggests us to think more clearly about what we actually want with our lives. It is important to have a clear vision before choosing our career and making any decisions and then work forward and backward simultaneously to achieve it.

13. By Dr. Henry Link

Everyone has a fear of something, which needs to be overcome to move ahead in life. Our imagination runs faster than our actions, making us fearful. But when we move forward, the fear begins to cease and we conquer our thoughts with our actions.

14. By Henry Ford

Henry Ford is one of the highly claimed industrialists, who worked without stopping and turned his dreams into reality. This quote is definitely to go by.

15. By Helen Keller

Helen Keller is one of my most favorite historical figures. I just love everything about her; her work and thoughts are extraordinary. This list is incomplete without her quotes.

16. A Hasidic Proverb

This Hasidic proverb was relevant in the ancient truth and still holds up in today’s world. The power of self-confidence is immense and unbreakable. It has the strength to change anything and anyone.

17. By Franklin D. Roosevelt

Roosevelt is famously known for the positive impact he has created in the world. His thoughts lure us into a world of endless possibilities, where we do not doubt our capabilities.

18. By Albert Einstein

Albert Einstein is a name that not even the upcoming thousands of generations can forget. His intellectual philosophy is clearly proved by his words, where he summed up the essence of intelligence with just five words.

19. By Don Zimmer

Don Zimmer dedicated up to 65 years of his life to the sport as a baseball player and coach. The legacy he left behind indicates that everything is possible with power and determination. His words conclude that power of success comes with a mind who has already felt it.

20. By Theodore Roosevelt

Theodore Roosevelt was a great president and true optimist. He firmly believed in the power of giving your 100% irrespective of your current situation

That’s all. Thank you for reading my favorite quotes. There are some more, but these are my top choices. I wish to know what quotes motivate you, do write your favorite ones in the comment box below.


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