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21 hot and trendy places to conduct Research and Generate ideas for Writing Hot Reviews this Yuletide

Updated on December 7, 2010

Do you know that...

Finding topics and issues to write on for your blog or site in any niche area, especially as the holiday season in the form of Christmas gears up: can be quite difficult and daunting, bearing in mind that your blog and site needs and craves for fresh and new contents every now and then to reflect the spirit of the season, to achieve this requires deep and profound insights, and an innate ability to keep up with the latest happenings and trends that defines the season.

To get started, you need to conduct a research to know hot trends and news that are making waves and getting the most page views.

Below are top 21 places you can hit today when you are finding it a little hard to generate writing ideas, or probably faced with the dreaded writers bug otherwise called Writer’s Block, remember you need to make some little money for yourself this season, and you need to write well for you to do that, and for you to write well you need to add some little pimp in your work to get groovy as the holidays season heats up to unimaginable crescendo

You can start your trends searching from the following list...

  1. Forums: forums remains one of my favorite hot spots and rendezvous for just any thing online; be it internet marketing, dating, weight lose etc. all you need to do is conduct a search on forums that are niche based. One good resource you can use is the number directory and resource for any thing forum;
  2. Blogs and Blog Directories: places like Technorati and, are sites where you can start your search. On these sites and others alike; you get to know what top Bloggers like Darren and Seth are blogging and writing about. You get to interact with bloggers who write or blog on the same niche as you; you also get the feel of the state of the blogosphere and more (though you need to learn a little lesson on tagging on technorati).
  3. Affiliate Directories and Networks: Another of my favorite place for hot stuffs to blog on or create seasonal reviews. One of the coolest affiliate directories you can hit and know what is going on, like what kind of stuffs people are buying is; affiliate networks like (my favorite CPA Network), associate program network, are cool places to get your freak on; but of all these places the number one and maybe number two networks for knowing what hot trends you can write stuffs for are
  • - ClickBank: everybody’s favorite and number one authority Affiliate network; why I love it here is that you get to know what are the products (digital products) that are the bestsellers in any niche, the number of downloads and more.
  • CommissionJunction: another cool and pimped out network; don’t really have much to tell you, cos I’m short for words, you need to go check it out yourself.

4. My number one top of the range writing community: if you are a blogger, freelancer, web master, ghost writer or any body who uses the internet then this is the place for you. It’ll be rather unfortunate and even sad if you are yet to sign up with this site; apart from the fact that this site can help you get powerful resources for writing, it is also a revenue sharing site; the deal here is that you create hubs, Hubpages display 75% of the Adsense impression via your Adsense pub-ID, and you can include your Amazon and eBay affiliate ID’s, and choose contextual products related to the topic of your hub and make recommendations to your readers. Of course a text link ad network like Kontera is also another PPC addition to Adsense (though personally I am yet to get a dime from it). While on this site; you see hot trends (hubs) that can get you going, all you need to do is look at the hubbers who drop hot hubs on the kind of topics you follow; become their follower. Any time this hubber publishes any new hub, you get an automatic email from hubpages alerting you of it. If you ask me, this is my number one online resource for information on the state of the cyberspace. A wide range of issues are published here; from politics, religion, celebrity scoops, academic discourse, how-to stuffs and other DIY tips and more.

5. like I always tell many people when ever I get to say a thing or two as regards this site; though it is a well known fact that this site happens to be the default twin sister of Hubpages, it is also the brain child of one of the greatest bloggers that have walked this earth in the person of the iconic Seth Godin, this is one site that blows my mind away: with its unique logo, use friendly community and of course a powerful and scenic graphic interface. Here you can choose to either get greedy and take every dime you earn, or choose to donate it to any charitable organization of your choice or Squidoo’s. then the real thing that makes this site a beautiful and worth while place to experience, is its richness in writer’s resource: making it so easy even for the dummies to sniff out hot and trendy writing ideas. Topics ranges from every thing you can think of; politics, gaming, movies reviews, book reviews, academics, business, How-to and DIY scoops, celebrity gossips and any thing under the sun

6. if you need writing ideas for articles and ezine publication, then look no further; because here is your one stop resource for that. When you become an Author for this site, you get email alerts every now and then for request for articles on a wide variety of issues. The most interesting thing here is the description for articles requested by the customer; the customer stipulates the number of words needed.-200-400 words listing maybe, the keywords that should reflect on the article’s body and the amount he’ll pay for the article(s). One other thing that makes this site a writer’s delight, is the friendly forum where you get tips on how to write well. Sell more articles and very importantly, get ideas on writing (which is the highpoint of this entry).

7. I included this wonderful CPA Affiliate Network earlier on, but I now chose to get it out and discuss extensively on it so as to buttress my point on how this site could come in handy for generating wonderful and trendy ideas for writing. I just got an idea for writing recently after looking at the landing page of one of the CPA leads program on this network. To get ideas that will get your ink going on this network; you need to look at new products that are added every day on your PJN store; look at the landing page of the site, examine the keywords, and the get down to the business of writing.

8. Another great resource for getting those nice, educating and interesting ideas that any good writer can capitalize on this season. One thing I love about Max Bounty is its friendly affiliate managers, that’d always be there to answer your never ending questions. The promos are another guide for any good trend sniffing writer. The site gives you a not too accurate but reliable stats on each of the campaigns; just like it is with PJN, you look at the landing pages of the products and services of the various sites running their ads, get the keywords (very important), and get to work writing what sales, especially in a season as we are in at the moment.

9. Since its graphic re-design, this social book marking site has lived up to its billings as a site to go to when you really need to feel the trends. A lot of shoppers and holiday busters’ are busy now digging hot items that they think they need or feel should be in their wish list.

more cool places to continue your resaerch for hot trends will include...

10.      RSS and Ping Directories: I still feel jitters and ambiguity when ever I remember this wonderful technology, I feel this is one of the hottest app ever to grace the web 2.0 era; RSS feed directories are the number one online resource for news and hot trends that are rocking. The craziest thing about this technology is that it reports news and trends as the hit the world wide web; what this implies is that news are updated in micro seconds. This season if you ask me, will be one that will be so hot that you need to subscribe to any of your favorite feed readers; so that you stay with the trends as they hit the stands and also keep your ink flowing.

consider this...

what has been the best place for you to shop for trends?

See results


11. when you need motivation and also want to set goals and targets, then this is where you need to be. This is also one place that you can shop for trendy things that spice up the season. On 43things, you are can sniff up for what people want to achieve from crazy things liking climbing mount Everest (you can write reviews on your favorite climbing boots) to dancing with Lady Gaga, (you can write reviews for free offer for Lady Gaga concert tickets as advertised on either MAX BOUNTY or PJN).

12. there’s really nothing much to say about this site that even unborn babies in their mother’s womb know so much about. FaceBook if I must remind you has the largest user base: it is on record that there are approximately six million users globally. What this implies is that there are about six million windows of opportunities open for you to get your writing groove on. This is the number one authority when it comes to pace setters and trend shapers hangout. Here you meet people who are ready to give you updates on virtually every thing they do on their profile walls. With this kind of craze and mayhem going on in this site, it is easy for you to get to know what is hot that you can give reviews for.

13. if you are yet to sign up with Amazon’s Associate program, then you are missing in action (MIA). If you use Hubpages or Squidoo, then this is more reason why you must get on the train, before it leaves you. This site for every reason is supposed to top this list for trend setting rendezvous, but I chose not to list these resources in order of importance, and if it were to be the case, then Amazon will be sitting atop the others. This is not the only good thing about this site; rather the nice thing about this site is its ability to get you on with the hot and coolest things and pimped out stuffs that are getting the buzz. Just check out the site, there’s even an RSS feeds parser for its products in every category, and this feeds updates as new hot products are added to the genre you wish to see. Making it quite easy for you to get a hook on hot stuffs for writing cool reviews for.

14. I will have skipped this bossy and unfriendly site, but for the records and for posterity sake, I’m obliged to add it; though it has lost some bite since the reconstruction and re-organization going on there; with harsh board room measures aimed at flushing out some users (or is it scammers) from the site, but with all these problems, it remains the number one auction site (after burying yahoo Auctions for good) not for long though as there are a thousand more sites that will give it a run for its money in the days ahead.

15. other online shopping portals: With the apparent death of shEbay, there are a dozen other sites apart from Amazon, where you can get to feel the pulse of what is going on this season that you can scribble reviews and write ups for, these includes






- Google Base

16. Sign up with Scot Standke is doing a great job here with this wonderful and free round the clock freebie resource he sends out 366 days to his ezine subscribers for a token of $0 (of course it is free if still want me to use that word). He not only sends you hot niches that are getting the blings, but he also attaches a list of about 1000 short and long tail keywords associated with the particular keyword. Tell me what more you can wish for this season, tell me?

17. another authority site on hot trends that keeps the sparks alive, the nice thing with this site that makes it a very good and interesting resource is that even the celebrities and political nitwits are on the twitter craze. Remember, following a celebrity like 50, Diddy and Gaga, can get you on the front burner of hot and cool stuffs that are rocking. This means that you follow tweets of these cool people and see what interests them at this very moment and season, they get their followers to know what kind of places, stuffs, and gifts there’ll be hooked on, tell me, isn’t this worth the following?.

18. File Sharing and P2P Sites: a lot of young people especially teens love sharing; they share everything from photos, videos, MP3 files, Midi files, PDF files, scrapbooks and even school reports with their friends. This is the brain behind sites like,, etc. on these sites; you can get the groove on the latest videos, songs, books and every thing that carries with it the spirit of the yuletide. These sites can put you in good stead in keeping up with the Joneses. There are indeed places where you can feel young and trendy again, and also keep your ink and pad active once again most importantly, this Christmas.

19. Google Trends and Yahoo! Buzz! Welcome on board the buzz and get your freak on! Google trends and Yahoo buzz! gives you the hottest trends making the news based on geographical locations. This is a very important tool that you and I cannot afford to let go this season.

20. Torrent Sites: download the latest MP3, video games and software most of the time for free. and the pirate’s bay are doing well in this regard. Torrent sites can jolly well tell you what is hot people are looking for by way of downloads; this is a very important information you can work with this hot season, so hit your browser button now and Google the search term “torrent sites” make sure you feel the heat, cos it is off the hook!

21. Offline: it is quite unfortunate that a whole lot of people must have forgotten the old ways just to be in conformity with the new things and buzz around them. But if you fail to recognize the old ways, then you do so at your own peril. Remember cyber space or is it the World Wide Web is the virtual world, but the reality is that we live in the real world, which in every sense is offline. What do you see on the streets? You just entered a grocery store and you are at the gifts section, look around you: what are people shopping and buying? What are the most items on their carts? These are the parameters for judging what is really trendy. Remember this, most of your facebook friends are people you might never get to see one on one in your life time, and what they suggest might not really count, remember most of them live many seas away from you; meaning that what is obtainable where they live, might not hold any water in your own domain. This is where the real world comes in. cool places to search for trends that are hot this season could include

- Grocery stores

- Classified ad section Your local daily

- Boutique

- Television

- Book stores

- Vendor etc

These are 21 hot, sexy and trendy places you can get smart writing ideas especially this Christmas season get a clue!!!


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    • DDE profile image

      Devika Primić 

      6 years ago from Dubrovnik, Croatia

      Most helpful tips fro writers and you have mentioned in detail thanks

    • chinemeremz profile imageAUTHOR


      6 years ago

      @david Grande thanks for your comments

    • profile image

      David Grande 

      6 years ago

      Great list for anyone online, especially marketers and online professionals. Excellent recommendations from social media to blog directories and even the offline locations. Thank you for your hubpage.


    • profile image


      6 years ago

      Gr8 post.. keep on posting good info's

    • profile image


      6 years ago

      thanks for the help

    • cygnetbrown profile image

      Cygnet Brown 

      6 years ago from Springfield, Missouri

      Whether it's the holiday season or not, the places you've listed are good places to conduct research and generate ideas for writing. I recently discovered the fine art of writing reviews.

    • profile image

      Lady Gaga Concert 

      6 years ago

      Thank you for usefull tips--

    • profile image


      6 years ago

      Fiverr is another good place to find more info and get help for almost anything you do online. Good hub ... hubber.


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