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23 Minutes in Hell by Bill Wiese

Updated on March 19, 2016

23 Minutes in Hell was written by Bill Wiese in 2006, who has been a Christian all of his life. Bill and his wife, Annette, were realtors, but since Bill's experience, they now travel all over the world full time telling his story.

Bill had gone to sleep one night and around 3:00 in the morning, he was awaken and felt his body descending downward until he reached a place called hell. What he described is just mind boggling. Hell is a real place that the Bible talks about.

When he first got there, he said the heat was unbearable. He could hardly breathe and was gasping for air, and there was no way of escape.

Bill was very thirsty but there was no water anywhere.

The odor was the worst that he ever smelled. He said it was 100 times worse than garbage sitting around for days.

He had never seen such ugly and scary looking demons and creatures. They looked half human and half beast. They picked him up and threw him against the wall. They scratched his skin but he did not feel the total grunt of the pain. They delighted in torturing people and making them suffer. All they did was curse God. Bill had never heard such profanity. There is no mercy in hell.

The screams of the people were deafening. There were those who were burning in the fire and others being tortured by demons.

He was able to think of his wife, Annette, and he said he missed her so much and it was a horrible feeling. He did not speak to anyone. You are alone in hell. This is a big misconception today with many. Sadly, you hear people say that they can't wait to get to hell so they can party with their friends.

There was complete darkness even though there is fire in hell.

Bill describes much more in his book and uses Bible references for everything he saw. He is convinced that God made him have this experience so that he can tell others that there really is a hell. Sadly, many Christians have been taught that hell does not exist. The Bible is very clear that it is real and that those who have rejected Jesus will spend an eternity there.

Bill travels to churches and has been on television several times telling his story. Many people have given their lives to Jesus after hearing his message. He has said several times that even if you do not believe what he is saying, just believe what the Bible says about hell. He wants everyone to know that it's a real place and not a fairy tale. He does not want anyone to have to experience for a lifetime what he went through in just 23 minutes.

Here is a video of Bill speaking about his experience.

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