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23 Poems In My Poetry Book "Moonshine" And Why I Wrote Them. Part 1 of 2

Updated on April 16, 2014

The Title "Moonshine"

First I would like to start off with the title to help clear up the confusion, of why I chose that title.

I was not drunk on moonshine that's for sure, there was no thought of the illegal alcoholic beverage in no way what so ever. I know where the word came from. The term Moonshine is a popular term used for a very potent and highly illegal beverage that was brewed, distributed and sold by bootleggers in America in the Prohibition era of the 1920's by Mobsters like Al Capone, who made $60 million a year from his illegal bootlegging business. That business is still around today and it sure is none of my business.

It just simply means as it sounds "Moonshine" nothing more and it is not about the drink.

Why I used that word?, I honestly would have to say you would never know that is between me and the person who used the word for a very special reason and event in our lives.

I apologize to all my readers and potential readers.

1: The Poem "Moonshine"

This is the poem that inspired the entire book itself, Moonshine is the master poem.

The more I thought about writing this poem the more I felt like I needed to write more poems about things that inspired me and about the feelings flopping around in my heart and the events taking place in my imagination.

Moonshine was no mistake. The poem itself spoke to me it, was a vision. It's has if I heard these word's, "these are my words, this is how you will write me in this order and these lines, I know what you feel now for that life, I am Moonshine", Sounds crazy right?.

I wrote "Moonshine" because of a very special event in my life and a moment that came and went really fast, its a purpose I am sure I may never get a chance to have again.

The title of the book and the tittle of this poem have the very same specific meaning and reason for me. So I guess you know where this is going. Yes I cannot tell you exactly what it is and why, please forgive me, there is just no way I can do it or do I have the heart to utter a word about it. If I were you I will try to figure it out by reading the poem itself.

These verses should help to clear things up a bit. Even as I am putting this out there for you I want you to stop thinking that I even want you to figure it out, contradicting? Oh Well!

"Moonshine could you be loved?

Moonshine you can be loved.

you were the one I never had.

but for now and always will I be your dad?"

"Can I be Loved if you knew me?

I know our love would be fun and wild.

Let me be the child for a little while."

The truth is all there in those two verses.

Again I apologize to all my readers and potential readers.


2: The Poem "Cindy Hill"

Cindy Hill. Is one of my most imaginative poems. each time I came up with a word and put it in a sentence I could see the world I was thinking of very vividly in my head.

This poem came to me while working one day, it was a very slow day but my mind was bursting with new places, people and things happening.

It first came to me as a song and as I thought of it more and more it got more serious and

I saw where it was going.

I realized that, the poem was speaking about how I felt about birth control and and its affects on our society I felt the need to put the words to paper and come out with my feelings. My feelings were that the only one's who should be in control of birth are the people involved.

I understand the need to not have unfortunate circumstances happen to a child who has nothing to do with the events of their environment that they could be thrown in if they were to ever be conceived and given a chance to have a life outside the womb.

And it was also a clear warning to females who felt the need to ravage their wombs with pills. This has nothing to do with women who could be raped and get pregnant.

Cindy Hill should send a positive message and not a negative one. The poem is a representation of my own personal debate among all the debates that the subject of "Birth Control" have opened up.

I really want to stay away from the "well its done good for me" and the "whats wrong with it" crap.

All am saying is when you look through the smoke, somethings should jump out at you.

3: The Poem "Happy Feet"

Happy Feet Is the poem I wrote for a very special woman in my life that I loved dearly. This was the very first poem I wrote and that I thought about publishing in a book.

I wrote the poem for her and about her and at a time we were still together in spirit. No this does not mean she died. It means that I was living abroad and we still had a very strong relationship going. She called me the night I finished writing the poem. I told her, "I wrote a poem for you" and I could feel all her emotions flying all over me and her. She asked a lot of question?!.

I said "let me read it for you", while reading the poem she kept giggling and of course she was smiling until she eventually started crying.

I felt like I had done us both a great favor to show how much we loved each other.

The poem is called "Happy Feet" because that is the nick name I gave her after the animated movie "Happy Feet" with dancing penguins who loved to dance.

It was the perfect nick name for her because she loved watching that movie and so did I and it reminded me of her and she reminded me of it.

She had very small feet and she loved to dance and every time she danced she had a very beautiful and glowing smile on her face just like the penguins. It was something that made me feel very happy to have.

4 :The Poem "Mrs. Polite"

Mrs. Polite. This is the poem about the most polite stranger I have ever met, who's last name just happens to be polite. So it gave me the feeling that I needed to write a poem about the encounter.

This was the second poem I have ever written literally, I wrote this poem literally minutes after writing the poem "Happy Feet".

Mrs. Polite was an elderly woman I met on the Grey Hound bus on my way home back to Connecticut from South Carolina after attending my brothers National Guard graduation ceremony with my mother.

She was the epitome of her very own last name, she was a very polite woman everything about her came in the right order at least this is how I saw her and I could careless about how anyone else saw her.

She made the entire journey worth it. If I am not mistaking I believe we officially first met in the line waiting to board the bus but I forgot the state we were in at the time. We started our conversation there and kept it going all the way into the bus. We sat and talked and talked and talked without skipping a beat.

We laughed and we shared stories about each other. She told me about a fellow Jamaican whom she knew, who was in a relationship with a member of her family, she said sometimes he would get drunk and upset and one day when he did he hurt himself.

I was captured by her sense of compassion. She told me I was handsome. You know I was blushing.

When I got to Connecticut I hugged her and we said our good bye's. I could wave forever because even when I was on the steps of the bus I looked around and there she was still smiling and waving.

I have to say it was the most polite encounter with a stranger it felt like I knew her and we had met before.

I wish I could see her again and I hope she is alive and doing well. I hope that one day she will come across this book and see this poem inside and that it is all about her.

5: The Poem "Love and Courage"

Love and Courage. I wrote this poem because of the courage you must have to maintain, protect, keep and be committed to love.

The love in courage and the courage to love.

I believe we are all born with love and that we have to maintain it and also grasp the courage to do so.

Many of us have been taught to hate through out our lives which eats away at the core of the love we were born with.

In many cases we often have to be taught to love again.

"I will never ask you if you love me,

instead I will show and tell you how much I love you

every day"

That is the very first verse in the poem.

This poem should raise the questions.

How many of us have love for people we do not know and have the courage to tell them?, Like for instance a stranger.

How many of us are in love with a person and cannot find the courage to keep showing and commit to that love before its gone with the wind?

Once you have love you have courage once you have courage you are burning with love.

This is the reason why I wrote the poem. To show and express my courage to love and my love for courage. Even if I falter at some point in keeping the love and courage a float I am sure I will be able to keep striking to see and have more love and courage.

6: The Poem "Love and Infatuation"

Love and Infatuation; I wrote this poem when the relationship between me and my fiance was at a rocky point and after we had broken up.

It was a very sad and depressing point in my life. I was left hanging on a tree full of questions about what to do? and how to make it work?

A very close friend of mine was the first to ask the question "are you sure you are in love or just infatuated with her?" he asked and then I stopped and asked myself "well is this how I really feel?".

Her cousin was the second and last person to raise that concern.

It has never dawned on my mind that we were infatuated with each other, I was positive that it was pure love.

The end of our relationship I blame entirely on myself. this poem is a poem for the same person I wrote "Happy Feet".

I loved her and there is no doubt in my mind that she loved me just the same. Can love be mixed with infatuation? was the question I asked myself.

I could not bear the thought of being infatuated with her because I knew all too well that it will damage our union.

But none the less something came between us and brought our relationship to a grinding halt. I have been infatuated before and I never for a second believed that we could have been infatuated with each other. This was how I came up with this poem.

I still love her, I know I do and that's no infatuation.

7: The Poem "Born From"

Born From; Everything is born form something, there is nothing in this world that exist without coming from something.

Physical, Mental and Emotional. each aspects of our lives gives birth to another aspect which leads to another, to another and another.

We see that every day.

When you love some one you care for them, when you give someone a gift or someone gives you a gift it gives birth to a; Thank you, kisses, hugs, laughter and smiles and a lot of emotion.

I have studied and noticed this with myself and people around me that all things are "Born From" good or bad and love or hate.

This is why I wrote this poem and I chose to write it out of love.

8: The Poem "Crying Angel"

Crying Angel. Sometimes I can cry so much, sometimes for no reason I will burst into tears, or so it seems.

Whenever I cry its for a reason, I cry because I miss someone, because I have a lot of love and love people around me, when I think about the love I have in me, when I think about good things and about sad things.

Sometimes when I am riding my bicycle too and from work I will just burst into tears. Often when this happens it gives me a very clean feeling so I let the tears flow.

I cry more often when I think about my mother and how much I love her and the good things I want to do for her to make her happy. I even think about losing her and this makes me cry even more.

The poem is a symbol for those out there in the world who are not afraid to cry. Crying to take away the pain of feeling hurt and suffering, it helps to ease the stress. I love tears so I am not afraid to cry. Crying gives you a sense of feeling alive and existence. For all the crying angels out there this poem is for you and its here to let you know that its okay to cry. Crying is a great part of what it means to be human.

So if you are reading this and you feel like crying because you are hurt, suffering or just feeling happy, go ahead burst into tears let them flow and heal you, wash away what you want and let the things you desire flood right in. I could be crying now but I am not but I will tell you that I can be doing it with you in spirit.

This is why I wrote the Poem "Crying Angel".

9: The Poem "Feelings"

Feelings. I wrote this poem because I am always feeling something. We all feel every day of our lives it is what we do even if we don't want to.

Some of us have the ability to control them and some of us are learning how to control them.

My feelings are like water falls sometimes very rough and wild. Sometimes they feel like the perfect day.

I wrote this poem simply because I am always feeling a sense of power and love.

It tricks me sometimes and words come flying out from my lips which leads to more feelings.

Who on earth can say they are never feeling something, I know I can't no sir!.

In a sense this poem is about my love for Happyfeet and all the feelings I have for her. I would feel so many things that lead to more feelings, it sounds like a factory about to explode.

I am not trying to make myself look soft or incapable of controlling my feelings it's just how I felt and I had to express them some feelings are meant to be expressed and some you just have to keep to yourself for safe keeping in order to protect them, yourself and the people and things you love.

10 : The Poem "Fire Fire"

Fire Fire. I wrote this poem because I know what it feels like to feel a sense of guilt and doing wrong.

Having a bad conscience about something.

I have had those moments in my life when I just feel like my life is in a really lonely place, a place with no air and no comfort. A place with fire burning all around me. I know you have felt the same thing too.

When the world feels like it is against you and all the walls are closing in.

But you have to be strong and fight back. When you fight fire, fight back with water lift yourself up put one leg forward raise your hands in front of you open up your palms and push back.

I felt at times in my life where I just feel like I was burning up with a guilty conscience and a bad combination of emotions.

11: The Poem "Heaven and Earth"

Heaven and Earth. This poem is all about the world we live in. I wrote this poem to help myself feel has if I was in heaven on earth there are events in our lives that gives us the sense that our lives are apart of heaven.

I wrote this poem because at times I feel as if I am in another place when I would just relax and meditate and try to take my mind off all the bad things that are happening here.

I create my own little universe, my own little heaven.

Things happen when I feel a sense of being in a heavenly place, then I am thrown back to the grim realities of earth.

I make heaven my earth and earth my heaven.

You should do the same and make earth your heaven and heaven your earth.

Thank you

Thank you for visiting my hub and reading the part 1 of 2 of my two part series of,

23 Poems In My Poetry Book "Moonshine" And Why I Wrote Them. Part 1 of 2.

I hope you enjoyed reading it and found it very interesting.

You can also find "Moonshine" in the Android Market "Book Section" for only $3:03, you can just go to your Android Book Store and simply type in Moonshine By Shamir A Jackson.


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