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23 Ways to Replace the Word “Things”

Updated on June 2, 2020
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Arnaba is a professional content writer. She is here to share her experience in impressive and effective writing skills and strategies.

Writers are often credited to commit a common mistake of writing- repetitions. No, we are not talking about plagiarism. We are talking about repeating the same words or phrases again and again. Sometimes repetition is intentional for emphasis, which helps you to establish the seriousness or significance of your points. But certain repetitions are jarring. Repetition can be boring and dull. Particularly when you repeat words like “things” that are of less consequence.

Thus, here we will discuss 23 ways to replace the word “thing” to improve your expression of thoughts and your write-ups as well. Before that, we will try to find out why you need to avoid the word “things” in the first place.

Why You Need to Replace the Word “Things”?

The word “things” is referred to various animate and inanimate things that one cannot, need not, or do not want to give a specific name. While speaking you might not even notice how many times you mention “things” for so many objects or ideas. Your audience may not notice your repetitions as you speak. But, your readers won’t miss these repetitions at all. They will notice that you didn’t make the effort to find an alternative and appropriate word for all those things you mention as “things”.

Following are the 23 Ways to Replace the Word “Things” in Your Write-Up:

Alternative Word
Alternative Word
James lifted his to support Jane as she rose with a thing (object) in hand.
The last thing (item) remained on Alex’s list was to buy meat for the dinner.
That thing (device) can track your location, heart rate and steps you have taken.
This thing (entity) that you cant see is nothing but my soul.
Put this thing (apparatus) under the water and see the bubbles forming.
That thing (act) you did in front of my parents is not expected of you.
Elena concluded that she was a missing a major thing (element) of Tom’s character.
A dark thing (shape) moved across the living area slowly.
All paper things (materials) are getting digitized.
His anger is the worst thing (trait) in him.
He meekly pointed at the weird, ugly looking lamp and asked, “what is that thing (article)?
Now the thing (point) is, our sales is all time low and we are about lose our company.
That thing (creature) of yours, almost killed me.
His evil things (deed) has wiped off his good things.
Every thing (detail) in that painting made it a piece of art.
That thing (matter) needs to be resolved as soon as possible.
That is my thing (possession).
I don’t want to you to touch my things (stuff).
All these things (belongings) are mine and will take them with me.
We are facing some serious things (situation) here but we are not equipped to handle it.
“Throw away your things (junk).” he said pointing at the pile of broken instruments.
We are in middle of a thing (problem) and we have not idea how to overcome it.
This thing (issue) going to persist and one day it become a part of life.


The point is, that all alternative words suggested here are common and everyday ones. Yet, writers often forget to use them properly. Every word present in a dictionary or in your vocabulary has a purpose to serve. And as a writer, you should use them appropriately and effectively.

“Things” can be referred to anything under your roof; from your furniture, clothes, problems, issues, character traits, or anything that belongs to you. Thus, mention the exact “thing” you are thinking of: animate or inanimate. This will enhance your write-ups. In fact, replacing vague words like “things” with appropriate words can add clarity to your writing style.

Your writing should focus on quality, effectiveness, and clarity. Thus, use your words with care and caution.


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    • Arnaba Saha profile imageAUTHOR

      Arnaba Saha 

      12 months ago from New Delhi

      Thanks, Mr. Scull!!!

    • JC Scull profile image

      JC Scull 

      13 months ago from Gainesville, Florida

      Very good article.


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