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24 Minutes (Poem)

Updated on November 15, 2013

24 Minutes

24 minutes... That was all it took for you to

be taken from me.You were laid there, motionless,

slumped on the cold hard tarmac,I had lost you,

you were not coming back.

Evil faces roamed London streets. Screams and slurs

outside Victoria Station; as gangs collided like

speeding trains, once hidden weapons paraded with glee.

24 minutes and my dreams turned into a nightmare;

my heart in my mouth, gripped by anger and fear.

You once said you were a soldier, your reputation

on the line. Blood on your hands, riches in your pocket.

The neighbourhood feared you, no care for tomorrow,

You were blind to my pain, deaf to my pleas,

I pledged my love, but you paid no heed. Then

Big Ben chimed and I knew your time was up.

For the bullet shot you between the eyes and you fell ─

hard. The Earth swayed and the skies trembled.

A deafening sound cut through the air like a dagger

to my heart. Scared bustling crowds, the

birds searched for shelter, your body

soaked in blood.

I now stand where you once were.

Your fury is the wind, screaming my name.

Your tears are the rain, showering me with


I fall to my knees─

and cry for your lost innocence.


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