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25 Words That Start with X

Updated on August 29, 2017

1.Xanthous: yellow

2. Xat: a craved totem pole of various North American peoples

3. Xanthoma: a yellow papule or nodule in the skin, containing lipid deposits

4. Xebec: a small, three-masted, Mediterranean vessel

5. Xenagogy: a guidebook

6. Xenial: friendly relationship between host and guests

7. Xenization: the act of traveling as a stranger

8. Xenodochial: friendly to strangers

9. Xenografts: a tissue or organ between individuals of different species

10. Xenon: a heavy, colorless, chemically inactive, monoatomic gaseous element used for filling radio, television, and luminescent tubes

11. Xenophobia: the fear of something strange or foreign

12. Xeric: a place that is extremely dry or arid.

13. Xenogeny: spontaneous generation

14. Xerox: a brand name for a copying machine for reproducing printed, written, or pictorial matter by xerography

15. Xiang: a river in southeast central China, raising in northeast Guangxi and flowing northeast and north to Dongting Lake

16. Xipe: the Aztec god of planting and sowing

17. Xiphoid: sword-shaped

18. Xoanon: a simple, carved image, especially one in which the original rock of stone or wood is readily apparent.

19. Xtian: Christian

20. Xylocrarp: a fruit that has a hard, woody, pericarp

21. Xyloid: wood-like

22. Xylophagous: eating wood

23. Xylotomous: being able to cut or go through wood

24. Xyst: a covered garden walk or one lined with trees

25. Xyster: a surgical instrument used to scrape bones

Sources( because i am not that smart)


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