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29 Shots of Liquid Courage

Updated on November 25, 2019
heather92383 profile image

Heather has a Bachelor's Degree in English from Moravian College and has been freelance writing for more than 14 years.

Will you choose your favorite Chocolate cake as the ultimate comfort food?
Will you choose your favorite Chocolate cake as the ultimate comfort food?
How about trying something new for your birthday, such as a slice of  Red Velvet cake?
How about trying something new for your birthday, such as a slice of Red Velvet cake?

On the precipice of a tectonic shift in the ground below

Plates moving left and right in different directions

Wondered what led to this unholy union of a new world

Realized that it about the start of a different beginning

Turning from one decade in age to another one

Noticed that it was time to be more adult

Than just dressing up the part as a grown up

Darn, it was time to actually be responsible

The end of a major era of change in the seasons

Where you're caught between being old enough to know better

And still young enough to not care what anyone else thought

About regularly flipping authority the bird

Youthful arrogance flushed down the toilet

Along with copious amounts of various birthday cakes

Caught between a classic slice of Chocolate

And choosing something new to signify a new era

Leaning towards a large slice of an old family favorite

Your mother's homemade Red Velvet cake

Clinging to it like a life raft back to your childhood

Used to be able to eat anything without consequences

Now your stomach can't seem to play catch-up fast enough

Your love of birthday cake a symptom of a much greater problem

Better to be an extra of "The Walking Dead"

Than dealing with some Vinegar laced truths

Avoiding the urge to confront your rampant disgust

With the generic world of Daytime TV bad attitudes

Where Jerry Springer and talking reigned supreme

Would rather choke on the bitter horse pills

Instead of focusing on the desire to punch out

Your time card for a long trip to unemployment land

Focused on celebrating another lesson in impulse control

Not running off to Vegas at the first sign of trouble

Sticking in the murky landscape of reality

And not get burned in the process

Quite a feet in itself that shouldn't be overlooked anytime soon.


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