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3 Easy Steps To Improve Your Writing

Updated on December 20, 2010

Improve Your Writing

For the most part new writers write just because they want to write.  Of course writing for no reason does create tons and tons of content that really is only good for the person writing.  For the most part at the beginning the new writer doesn't write to build clients, business, or change the world.

So what the novice needs is to learn the goals of great writers.  Learning this will help them focus on what they are going up against.  The professionals always have a purpose and most times that is to get their audience listening to them.  A great writer will get his audience seeing through their eyes whether its a horror novel or a business article.  When they hear this in most cases they see things a lot differently.

Anyone can take a few words, throw them together, make some sentences, paragraphs and call it good.  Many of the blogs out there are a prime example of that.  The thing is you actually want to learn to write so that your words have an impact on the people reading them.  Being informative is one thing but making jaws drop is a whole new level.  To help you get to this level you need to do three things right and below I will write about them.

A Certain Audience

Of course you want to get every word to your audience.  To do this it is ever so important that you have a great understanding of them.  You need to know what they are looking for and needing and then you can write about it.  When you begin to write there are certain things you really need to focus on.  If you are focusing on a target audience you need to understand such things as age, race, income, buying habits, gender, location, interests, hobbies and talents.

If you know who you are talking to you can then build your writing to be personalized around what you know.  By having as much information as possible will allow you to build an exact audience.  If you are trying to sell something with your writing you will make a lot more money selling to a specif audience as opposed to a very general audience.  In almost all cases if done properly the group you cater to wants what you are selling.

The Right Place To Write

When I say the right place to write I mean you need to focus on whats going to best convey your message.  These could include things and places like websites, books, television, radio, blogs and any other venue.  You know that where you decide to spread your word will be determined by your audience.

Sports writing will be best in sports magazines, television revues go good in newspapers and television and so on.  It really is about doing your homework and research.  Once you have the audience figured out the rest will come that much easier.  You understand that a magazine article usually allows you less space then say a newspaper article.  As you get better at your skill you will know and understand exactly what works best and in which case it will work.

Every single one of us skim and ignore many written words only because not enough has been done to keep the readers attention.  However if the same writing is presented in a manner that makes us look twice then people will hang on and appreciate your words.  If you can do what it takes to get people to enjoy your words you will be able to utilize these people as customers or what ever you want.  Just remember in most cases the subject will dictate the venue you take for your writing.

Transform The Right Way

When it comes to writing you actually are dealing with three different transformations.  These are know, feel and do.  A know transformation is about giving the reader new or old information written in different orders.  The orders are written in such a manner to change a persons life and how they look at things.  When it comes to feeling that is about bringing out your emotions in your audience.  And then of course we have the do which encourages the audience to be very specific and right now in their actions.

When an amateur sees this they usually fail because they try and make all three fit into one category.  The difference is a professional will focus on one and make it work to the best of their ability.  You will be asking how you want a persons life to change because of your words.  You have to decide what you want the outcome to be.  Do you want your audience to know, feel or do something.  Once you decide just pick one and work it like nothing else.  If you focus on one the rest will fall into place.

Of course you want your message to mean something and you want it to reach out better then anyone else's.  That is why you need to know who you are writing to.  You will learn to write using the proper venue.  By doing this you will put the transformation into place and honestly that is the only writing that is worth reading.

What It Is

Not everyone can be Stephen King, Dean Koontz or John Saul.  However with enough practice almost anyone can be an incredible writer. 

We see prime examples of that everyday here on Hubpages.

Many of you know that my expertise is articles.  I have in the past made good money using only articles to promote products and make money.  I am living proof that words can pay the mortgage so if I can do it then with a little work anyone can.

Today I am not promoting or trying to sell anything with this Hub.  Instead I am just trying to help out in this great big world.


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    • profile image

      kimberlyslyrics 6 years ago

      Dale you really are the best

      Miss seeing you



    • katrinasui profile image

      katrinasui 7 years ago

      Very helpful article. I need to improve my writing.

    • Dale Mazurek profile image

      Dale Mazurek 7 years ago from Canada

      You can never give up. Sometimes all you need is a little refining and all will work out.

    • Hello, hello, profile image

      Hello, hello, 7 years ago from London, UK

      I agree with grqcenotes and hope we will see more. I am trying very hard but don't know if I got what it takes. Thank you for kindness to help.

    • Dale Mazurek profile image

      Dale Mazurek 7 years ago from Canada

      Thank you very much. I have many more I will be writing to help out with writing, especiallt article writing.

    • gracenotes profile image

      gracenotes 7 years ago from North Texas

      Very helpful, and voted up! We need more articles like this.