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The 3 Reasons You Need To Own and Carry A Portable Mirror

Updated on February 19, 2017

No one needs to be someone else's joke, especially at work. It can be like high school all over again. Most of us hoped we would get out of school and would NEVER EVER have to go to anything like it.

The issues that plague you when you can not readily check yourself for errors or issues are all too common. This is why I feel we all must keep a portable mirror handy.

1: What Is That?

Nobody needs the social issues that accompany you when you sit down to eat with friends and there is white powder on your nose or face; this suggests too much. Food stuck on your lips at a meeting provides and encourages way too many jokes about you throughout the departments. This could continue quite possibly throughout the rest of the year. Something shiny and light-green in your front teeth during a presentation is the only thing that won't be forgotten about your presentation.

Go handy; portable mirror yourself.

2: Suggestive Things

  • "Her make-up is a mess, looks like she's been drinking blood, or somebody just punched her in the mouth."
  • "Her gums are bleeding, I can see blood on her teeth; she may have gingivitis."
  • "It looks like she's been crying; I should ask her if she's okay."
  • "Her eyes are so dark, and look at all those blotches of color on her face; she might have gotten mugged."
  • "His hair looks like he got a bad perm, there was a lot of lightning this morning, you think he got shocked?"
  • "He looks quite young to have all that white hair on the top of his head, but it's on his shoulders too."

A portable mirror would allow you to check your face, teeth, eyes, make-up, hair and so forth. Please, arm yourself with a portable mirror.

3: Double Check

Check your nose for hard mucus, dried skin, eyes for mellow, cheeks for dryness, runny make-up, shoulders for shed hair, dandruff, crooked ties, one bra strap showing, and so forth.

Check for suggestive objects on your mouth, your nose, and your forehead even. Make sure your tie is straight, your shirt collars are clear of colors and dandruff. Check to see if your suit coat is buttoned up correctly and there are no large ominous stains on your teeth, clothes, and hair.

This is the golden purpose of the portable mirror. This is why the portable mirror is priceless.

Have a portable mirror, just to be able to check.


Last Note

Portable mirrors have never been forgotten among the professionals in the world. However, we small part-time jobbers rarely think about arming ourselves with one and that can lead to future shame. So for the love of your pride and professionalism, arm yourself with a portable mirror.


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