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3 Reasons Why A Freelancer Must Not Be Arrogant

Updated on May 3, 2019
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Emon is an expert writer on freelancing and self-development. He had more than 6000 students across the globe.

Freelancing is a great way of life – the road to freedom. It gives you a VIP pass to your dream life. A freelancer has sky-high freedom to make a choice what a 9 to 5 Officer Runner doesn’t have. But sometimes freelancers are found cocky or arrogant. It ruins their dream life. Here are the most important three reasons why a freelancer must not be arrogant.

Arrogance destroys reputation

Nobody likes an arrogant person. Same is the case for freelancers. Arrogance sequentially destroys reputation to clients as well as to peers. It is a very dangerous part of a freelancer’s career. It ultimately results in ruining freelancing career. A confident man doesn’t need to tell others or show how capable he is. But an arrogant person constantly tells others how capable he is. It irritates others. If you irritate your client, it means you risk losing future projects. So you will not be able to grow your business resulting failure in freelancing career.

Arrogance is Opposite to Productivity

Showing arrogance is highly negative. And it is opposite to productivity. So if you are an arrogant freelancer, you hardly become productive. If you are an arrogant freelancer, you will have low self-esteem. So you will not be able to grow your business resulting failure in freelancing career. If you lead your life under undue stress, actually you cause great harm to your body. Your hair becomes dull, the skin thickens. Tension in your muscle become apparent. You look older than your age. Gradually you lose interest to enjoy life. This is a matter that often a freelancer fails to understand.

Arrogance helps him lose his client

An arrogant freelancer tries to show his social worth and status. But the fact is that clients are not interested in your social status. If you are worthy, it will be proved by work, not by undermining someone. Again, everyone loves work to be done on time. Because your clients certainly have some plans with the job you delivered to him or her. If you do not meet the deadline, he will find some alternative in the future. So, the most important factor for a freelancer is his clients. Remember, no client means no money.

Freelancing is fun. It’s a fascinating world. You enjoy a great deal of freedom unlike 9 to 5 white collar job. But arrogance is a great barrier for a freelancer. Arrogant freelancer quickly loses his clients. He risks himself going back to stressful job life. He loses respect to his clients and peers as well. Not only he destroys a reputation, but he also becomes counterproductive. He causes great damage to his body as well. He starts losing interest in freelancing. If you have to get back to your previous life again due to arrogance, you will curse only yourself not others because you are the only one who can refrain yourself from being arrogant. Finally, a sincere freelancer must not be an arrogant person.

© 2019 Emon Jewel


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