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3 Simple Steps That Will Make You a Better Business Writer

Updated on September 3, 2012

Even if you don't think of yourself as a writer, writing is something that everyone in business must do fairly consistently. If your writing abilities are below par, it becomes difficult to communicate effectively with your target audience. This is especially true of Internet based business, in which even verbal communication done via video is scripted and written out. For those who dislike writing and can afford it, outsourcing is always an option. Yet many newer businesses cannot afford to hire outside help for the many writing tasks they face.
Anyone can learn to write more effectively, and in this article we'll be discussing some methods to accomplish this.

Steps To Be A Better Writer

Before you publish anything on your site, run it through the spell checker for a sanity check. Most people and you are probably not going to take the time to improve your spelling if it needs it, so use spell check. The one thing you never want to see happen is getting poor results in your business because of this particular issue. There are many ways to optimize for sales and options, and this is one of those critical areas. Even though there is help available with apps, they do have limitations about checking.

Whenever possible, avoid using cliche. Anyone familiar with business writing, for example, has probably heard the phrase "thinking outside the box" at least a hundred times. It's good advice to think outside the box, but you don't have to use these same, worn out words. Remember, many readers will have heard these cliches many times already. When you bore readers in this way, they are not going to want to buy your product or sign up for your offer. The best policy is to avoid anything that sounds remotely like a cliche! It's best to be cautious on this topic.

Learn the difference between "affect" (something that brings about a change) and "effect" (the result of the change). Learn the difference between "they're (they are), "their" (possessive- something that is owned/possessed) and "there" (a location). Note also the differences between possessive such as "yours" and "its" and the contractions "you're" and "it's." One point of view is that it doesn't really matter as long as your writing can be understood. Readers will probably get what you are trying to say, but at the same time using these words incorrectly makes you look unintelligent and unprofessional.

Sadly, spell check does not ever catch these errors for you. You know how very important your writing is for your site which means your business success. People are not writing so much anymore in cursive, but you know the entire globe depends on computers and typing which means writing and communications. A lot of times people write their thoughts down so they can use them later. Dedicating yourself to improving what you write will eventually make you a more effective communicator.


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