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3 Steps to Do Before Writing

Updated on October 20, 2019
Tia Miller23 profile image

I am an amateur writer who writes poetry and short stories and I love to cook.

Now Listen...

Everyone has their steps for beginning to write, right? Either we make a complex outline or write down a few simple words. I decided to share the steps I take before writing. This can be for blogging, poetry writing, books, music, etc. It's basically anything you plan on writing.

Here are the steps:


1. Have A Plan

This, I believe, is a given for all writers. We should all have an idea on what to write before we began. Don't just jump right into things, sit down and properly plan.

It doesn't have to be a long process, it can just take a few minutes. Grab a pen and some paper and began brainstorming. There might be an idea you like but when you began it, you lose interest. Or you could have this amazing idea and don't know where to began.

This is why planning is so important because it helps us visualize what we need to do before putting words to paper. I recommend writing down 3 ideas and choosing the one you enjoy best.

Plan Plan Plan


2. Take A Breather

After you've planned your writing, get up and walk away.

I know some of you are like "What?" but just hear me out. If you take a breather after making your writing plans, it can help tremendously.

The breather is so you can calm all down. A writer may be overwhelmed and will need to take a break. It's so you can relax and don't overwork yourself because planning can take a lot out of you.

I recommend taking a 10-15 minute break before going back to your writing. You could go and eat you a snack or have beverage to calm your nerves. Or you could even take a walk around your neighborhood. Fresh air will do you some good.

Taking a breather is indeed an important step to take.

Breathe Writers


3. Find A Quiet Place

I know some of you are saying, "duh" but a lot of people don't know this. It's satisfying to find a secluded place so you can write. I advise you writers to find that place AFTER you've planned for everything and you've had your breather.

This should be your last step because it's no use in finding that special place just to fill it with too many nerves. You're relaxed, you're on top of your game, and you're finally ready to write!

The quiet place could be anywhere. It could be your backyard, a park, the library, or even your bathroom!

I've written two of my flash fiction stories and many of my poetry pieces while sitting on my bathroom floor. Find somewhere you're comfortable at and it will show up in your writing!

Your Quiet Place


Final Thoughts

These are the 3 steps I take before writing. Some of you may do the same or you may have other steps that are just as effective. You can list those steps in the comments if you'd like.

I hope you enjoyed this and thank you for reading this. Do not forget to take a breather because it's a very important step to have with anything you do.

See you later darlings!


This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and is not meant to substitute for formal and individualized advice from a qualified professional.

© 2019 Tia Miller

What are some of your steps and methods?

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    • Tia Miller23 profile imageAUTHOR

      Tia Miller 

      3 weeks ago from Arkansas

      That's how it used to be for me when I stayed with my sister and her kids. They would always come in and try to play with their aunt. Sometimes writing with children around can be good though. Kids generate excitement and that could be a big motivation for your writing.

    • Jannat Hossain profile image

      Jannat Hossain 

      3 weeks ago from Bangladesh

      Great tips ,Tia. But will not work for me ! Being a mother fact !! I forgot when was the last time I was actually alone!

    • Tia Miller23 profile imageAUTHOR

      Tia Miller 

      3 weeks ago from Arkansas

      That sounds good because sometimes the family can bring out inspiration when you're writing. I too believe that it all depends on what you're writing and when.

    • renee21 profile image

      Tori Leumas 

      3 weeks ago

      These are pretty cool steps. I don't usually use all of these when I write. I do come up with ideas beforehand, but I don't always take a break before I start writing or find a quiet place either. Sometimes I just sit in the living room with my family while we're all doing our own thing together, so I write while my family talks, reads, plays phone/computer/Wii games. Sometimes I write in the quiet too. It all depends on a lot of things when/how/where I write.


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