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3 Ways to Beat Writer's Block

Updated on April 27, 2017
Learn how to beat your writer's block.
Learn how to beat your writer's block. | Source

Don't Give Up!

Every kind of writer gets a form of writer's block from time to time. It can leave you feeling helpless when your work is at a standstill. Instead of getting discouraged or giving up all together, try these three simple ways to get over your writer's block, so you can feel inspired and motivated again.

You'll find inspiration when you start working.
You'll find inspiration when you start working.

1. Find Inspiration

People find their inspiration from different sources. Some listen to music or view art. Others find a quiet space to think, such as their office space or in the shower. Discover what inspires you personally and use it to your advantage.

Writer's block can simply be a form of procrastination. One may think they have writer's block, but they may just feel lazy or too afraid to begin writing again. Sometimes inspiration will strike when one sits down to work.

Give your brain a break.
Give your brain a break.

2. Take a Break

If you continue to stare at your work, but you're not getting anywhere, don't let yourself get bogged down; get up and take a break. Even if you have a pressing deadline, it won't hurt to take a walk, go get some food with friends, or go to the library. Your brain might be overworked, so letting yourself (and your brain) wander somewhere else will open your mind to new possibilities and get your creative juices flowing.

Margaret Atwood quote
Margaret Atwood quote

3. Remember: It Doesn't Have to be Perfect

It is easy for a writer to judge his work as he is writing. We long to tell a captivating story with the perfect words. Even when writing a rough draft, it is tempting to edit as we go along, correcting grammar, spelling, and typos as we go. Unfortunately, this only slows the writer down. It can also halt his or her work entirely. If we fear imperfection, we will be afraid of making mistakes and that will create an experience of writer's block.

Remind yourself that you are only writing the first draft of whatever you're working on. Also, remind yourself that no one's work is perfect and that it's okay to make mistakes. You can become a better writer by simply writing. So, let go of perfectionism and start writing!

Instant Cure for Writer's Block

Neil Gaman quote
Neil Gaman quote

Quotes About Writer's Block

A writing desk and office decorating ideas
A writing desk and office decorating ideas | Source
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Give your opinion!


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