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A rose wrapped in a garden

Updated on October 24, 2010


A hunger grows deeply inside me
yearning to be near you in life.
Sharing our love for all of time
feasting on each others love.
Desires unrealised before in others
relinquish control of basic instincts.
Opening our selfs up to each other
sating the need emcompasing our love

A rose wrapped in a garden

A rose wrapped in a garden
covered with dew of beauty
speckles of sunlight flash
in tresses raven of hue
eyes like clear watery pools
shimmering green and gold
pure ivory and freckled skin
silken and smooth to touch
lips sensuous like cupids bow
full and crinsom coloured
a nose so delicate and pert
to complete the face of
My rose wrapped in a garden
covered with beauties dew

A Dream

A dream of existing shared by two
lifes troubled halved solved easier
points of view differ yet both valid
hearts joined in romance as one
lifestyles different as night and day
love mending wounds inflicted by others
combining together to make a pair
love bringing us closer together


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