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embers like ghosts

Updated on October 24, 2010

     Embers like ghosts  

Sudden passion flares upon meeting
flames of desire kindled into an inferno
blazing sparks of lust desire and need
slowly the passion fades after a time
flames dwindle with familiarity
sparks fade to embers of comforting love
reawakaned passions burn steady again
flames fed reignite sparks blazing
rekindled from embers like ghost of before


  A cry of pain

A cry of pain is answered
help with trubles you give
feelings grow from friendship
getting closer to love
Your interests lie with another
my unrequitted love simmers
you say you love me as a friend
wanting to help me is all you do
I poured my heart out to you
hoping you'll see the truth of me
willing to share you with another
though the romance isnt returned
Some day when you need me
I'll be there to help you
know that I love you all the time
my unrequitted love will still remain

Unrequitted love

Love blooms from friendship growing deep inside
slowly changing from caring to infatuation
from infatuation it grows into passion for another
At first its done all in fun spending time
kissing fooling around letting it blossom
like a rose budding into a love deep and tender
Closeness soon becoming intamacy then hunger or lust
love soon becomes rejection what you did wrong
you won't know for in the end its just unrequitted love


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