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3 Step Guide to Comic Book Marketing

Updated on August 19, 2015

CE Publishing Marketing Graphics

See our store on Graphicly!
See our store on Graphicly! | Source
This is a sample ad that I use to advertise on Project Wonderful
This is a sample ad that I use to advertise on Project Wonderful | Source
This is a tiny button ad I use on PW.  These are the easiest to place.
This is a tiny button ad I use on PW. These are the easiest to place. | Source

Comic Book Marketing

Save yourself some time and effort of hocking paper. It's a long and laborious process that can be either supplemented with or replaced with digital comic book marketing. Don't get me wrong, I love paper... And I love Cons...

So I wouldn't recommend scrapping physical marketing all together, nothing is better than real facetime with real customers and fans. But it is possible to significantly increase your marketing efforts with very little effort.

What you need in your marketing arsenal is a resource that will perpetually market your books 24/7 across the globe to anyone and everyone interested in comics. And that simply cannot be done by printing up 1000 books and sitting at a $100 Comicon table. But it can be done for far less than even that Comicon table cost yielding larger results. Better yet, make it something that is actually fun to do and not a drudgery. Face to face fan contact is always best for endearing fans, but cons alone will take a very long time to build a fan base and is a pricey endeavor that should be a part of the latter portion of your marketing lifecycle when you have some expendable income.

The process I have used is relatively simple. I'm no pro at anything, I'll be the first to admit that, I've just been lucky enough to run into some great resources the FIRST time around for a change. I am myself still working through this same 3 step process, so I'm sure this Hub will be updated as I discover more. But here are the basics:

1 - Get a DriveThru account.

2 - Sign onto Project Wonderful.

3 - Make a website to advertise on.

Step 1 - DriveThru ROCKS! There's just no other way to describe it. The format is very simple and easy to deal with. They do most of the work which will save you precious time. More time to actually devote to the craft of MAKING comics!

Their basic publishing service is FAR more than adequate to market books with, as a matter of fact, I feel it is EXCEPTIONAL! I would explain the process, but it's much easier to just check it out for yourself.

I would expound upon their services, but I'd be repeating their website. Just trust me, you won't be dis-appointed. Everyone there is friendly to the max and all of my emails and inquiries are generally responded to within 24-48 hours. I'd like to point out that DriveThru has 26 of our books thus far, and 23 of the 26 are FREE. That says allot for how awesome these great people really are, and how dedicated they are to the craft of distributing great comics. Check out our comic stand at DriveThru.

CE Publishing Comic Stand Click HERE!

Step 2 - I'm experimenting with Project Wonderful right now with FREE advertising. I will start dumping money into it shortly (and it doesn't take much). With $0 bids I've had over 250,00 views and around 70-80 clicks in 7 days. Which doesn't seem like much, but that's allot considering each one of those clicks is pretty much a guaranteed fan cause I'm giving away 3 out of 4 of our books I have on Graphicly. And I have a free 210 pager that Graphicly is formatting right now. So I'm guessing with around $.10-.20 cents a day I could hit a million views easily on a more focused demographic.

Check out Project Wonderful, Click Here!

But what I've found is that you can advertise on just about any type of website. Heck Free advertising allows you to experiment with hundreds of different websites and you will be shown the exact performance of each bid (or ad) that is placed. Then you can pick your favorites and orchestrate a campaign to target your advertising. Some helpful tips to get you started, because the bidding can be confusing.

To find out more about Project Wonderful on my PW Hubpage, Click HERE!

Step 3 - I'm working on this. The plan is to create an ad revenue generating website to plug into Project Wonderful to sell advertising, which will of course also direct folks to DriveThru to download CE Publishing books. That way the website will host paid advertising that will in turn pay for our advertising on other sites and be self perpetuating and possibly generate some extra cash (maybe for that comicon table).

I'm looking at various web hosting, but don't know. I'm a techo luddite and hate website stuff. Not to mention Cheap... But be sure that whatever you do it's compatable with Project Wonderful. Most free websites will not allow advertising, so check out the FAQ's on PW to see what works and what will not. Bear in mind that Blogs may require a minimum 30 day posting history in order to be approved for PW ad publishing.

And by all means, start a hubpage account and WRITE about your books and what you are doing! It's fun and very, very easy. It will help inform your readers and in the process boost your rankings, endear new fans, and possibly capture a bit of revenue to help pay for other marketing tools.

In any case, whatever money you make from this adventure, put it BACK into your comic empire. It may take years of diligent saving, but to become a truly successful publisher you have to put your project and your people first. If you can't pay your contributors, shower them with endless credits, free stuff and praise in every avenue possible. They are your best marketing sales team! The rewards you reap from re-investment will be far more than the trip to Taco Bell.

Once I get through step 3 I'll revise this posting so that you can see what I ended up with. Until then Keep the Faith, True Believers!

Learn more about making comic books!

How to make Comic Books Click HERE!

Thanks everyone for reading this far.
Your Friend and Fan,


Copyright 2015 CE Publishing Group

Save Yourself Time and $


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    • AghoriShaivite profile image


      6 years ago from

      Thank you for this! As a young and independent comic book creator, I value articles like this.

    • CEPubdude profile imageAUTHOR

      Michael Rickaby 

      6 years ago from Centennial, Colorado

      Agreed. But for little indies like CE Publishing it works out just great. I have no operating budget other than the dust in my pockets, so ensnaring even just one fan a day or a week for that matter is a step forward, and at minimal to no cost. Cost per click is worlds away for us little guys. Now pennies a day? I can find lots of those laying around and lots of cans to recycle. Krypton is amazing too BTW! Radio broadcasts about comics! Who woulda thunk.

    • profile image

      Krypton Radio 

      6 years ago

      We think some of this will work for us too. Project Wonderful looks like a real opportunity for advertisers - not so much for the people hosting the ads, to be honest. As with any sort of advertising syndication scheme, you need some real traffic to make any money at it at all, and most sites using Project Wonderful are struggling and aren't gaining a whole lot from the experience. But since it costs them nothing to try it, it opens up broad vistas of opportunity for people who want to advertise cheaply. It beats the stuffing out of Google Adsense.


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