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30 Random Creative Writing Prompts: Part 2

Updated on July 16, 2014

My first "30 Random Creative Writing Prompts" article was a huge hit, so I thought I'd scramble together thirty more! I hope this helps you guys out with your writing.


1. The inside of the house is upside down. The ceiling is on the floor. The floor is on the ceiling. Why? Who? How? WHY?!?!?!?!

2. Your significant other has a big (paranormal) secret to tell you.

3. You receive an unmarked envelope in the mail with a map inside. Who sent it? Where does the map lead? What's waiting for you there?

4. Something's been watching a teenage boy from outside his window? Who (or what) is it, and what does it want?

5. The night watchman at a cemetery has just discovered that there's something in a grave that's supposed to be empty, and it isn't a person!


6. A child sees something that isn't there (as far as his parents know, anyway).

7. An elderly Japanese man brews a cup of tea. But it isn't any ordinary cup of tea, not by a long shot.

8. A night at the carnival turns sinister when an unexpected visitor shows up.

9. A teenager is playing a video game when he suddenly switches places with the hero in his game. How will he survive? How will the hero adjust to life in our world?

10. An accident of nature transports a famous actor to a distant planet.


11. An ex cop finds himself kidnapped by someone who's got a bone to pick with him. But this perp doesn't use weapons from this world.

12. A contestant on a cooking show has put a little surprise in his latest dish for the judge who always lambasted him.

13. A woman finds a special pair of shoes that can become any type of shoe in the world. But what's the story behind it?

14. A flash fiction that peeks into a murder scene. Never tell how the murder happened. Just hint at it through the state of the room in which it occurred.

15. What goes through a dog's mind when its owner leaves for work?


You can use these prompts any way you want, by the way. I'm not the type of person to copyright a half formed idea. I tried to make them as vague as possible so you could run with it, though.

16. Imagine we find out that the scientific explanation for where rain comes from is completely wrong. What's the real story?

17. A man dies and is resuscitated. He has a horrifying story to tell of what really lies beyond the veil of death.

18. What's in that abandoned factory downtown?

19. You've heard of werewolves. But what about were(insert animal name here)?

20. A virus breaks out, but this is no normal virus. This virus is a machine.


21. Write a story/poem of mythic proportions that details the origins of color.

22. Try your hand at a cozy mystery. A crime is committed, but nobody dies. Who solves it? Somebody you wouldn't expect to try solving mysteries at all.

23. A whole new lost continent is discovered. Where has it been hiding all this time? What will the world's governments find when they get there? What sort of political turmoil will the discovery of this new land cause?

24. It turns out a dead relative hasn't been dead at all, but just hiding. Why and how?

25. Try writing an entire passage without using a certain vowel.

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26. Pick any character from mythology and drop them into a modern setting.

27. Something's hidden inside an old picture frame that could change the world.

28. One of Shakespeare's lost plays is discovered, and it's an out of character (for him) Science Fiction piece about something that's happened recently in the news!

29. Your cat's always been able to talk to you, but has just chosen not to. There's been a disturbance in the natural order that forces him to break his silence.

30. A celebrity has been trying to hide the fact that he/she is a vampire.


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    • Babbyii profile image

      Barb Johnson 2 years ago from Alaska's Kenai Peninsula

      Almost any of these prompts could be the beginning or seeds to a novel with any number of tweaking possibilities. Thanks!