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30 Poems, 30 Days (Days 1-5)

Updated on December 19, 2012

Late last year, I was challenged by someone who told me that I had lost my passion. This person claimed that they fell in love with me because of my words, my beautiful words that I put on paper in a lyrical or poetic form to tell the world how I felt. And because I had not done that for well over a year from that point, I had lost my passion and so it was that this person was falling out of love with me. So I in turn set out to prove this person wrong, that I had not lost my passion but merely put it on hold. The challenge was that for 30 days I would write a poem/song lyric everyday. At the end of the 30 days, I had proven to myself that I did indeed still have the passion to write within me, while the person who said otherwise never even once read any of the poems. Bummer, but not really, because true happiness came to me earlier this year. More on that later... maybe.

I have decided to republish my 30 poems in 30 days here, in parts, because for all of 2013 I have decided to do the same thing, only I plan to write every single day for the entire year. You can follow that on twitter starting January 1, 2013, either by following me (@rogeralmon) or the hash tag (#poetry365).

Day One: I Exist In Darkness

so blind I can't see
the heavenly angels
fly over me
so heavy can't breathe
in and out the smoke
burning in me

no light shines on me
I'm tripping over bottles
I'm singing alone
existing in darkness
help me to see

so mad I can't think
of a way out of here
a place I can see
so in love I can't be
in and out of time
just lay next to me

no light shines on me
I'm tripping over bottles
existing in darkness
help me to see

Day Two: The World Around Us In Black and White

help me to view
life outside his room
beyond shades of grey
beyond mists of confusion
lights at ends of tunnels
silhouettes that signal freedoms
help me to find
clarity in this clouded mind
over fake rainbows
under burned bridges
ships that sail to sea
rockets that fly over moons

the world around us is black and white
the night is falling much too soon
I am drowning here in sorrow and fright
uncertain of how to keep from losing you

(Note: Interesting, as I copy this from where it was originally posted on my tumblr page, I have just noticed that the title states 'in Black and White,' while the actual poem states 'is Black and White.' I could edit and change one or the other, but why? I will instead be a smart writer and back up my mistake by saying the title is for the poem as a whole, the line is for itself and the two are only coincidentally similar.)

Day Three: Stop Coming To My House

all the monsters on the TV screen
scare the little souls
and make them scream
they chase around all the kings and queens
hold them hostage
destroy their dreams

all of a sudden there's a knock on the door
the head of the riot
by the name of Alastor
would you like to lead the revolution
it is time to stop
this mad confusion

stop coming to my house
I scream it right i his face
there are better things for me to do
like clean this place
and scream at you

all the monsters coming out of the TV
chasing little souls
destroying their reality
here they come now to my door
but I won't let them in
I simply choose to ignore

stop coming to my house
I scream right through their bones
there are other places for you to go
like back in the TV
where you were before

(Note: The title came from a poster found in IKEA, which also featured several random drawings of animals and monsters. It was also directly inspired by works from my favorite writer, Neil Gaiman, who's attention I had hoped to grab with it. I did, however, get a twitter response from him wishing me luck with #30poems30days.)

Day Four: This Soul Occupied

in my mind it's so clear
I don't feel no pain
I don't feel no fear
in my mind I dream I can fly
I kiss the clouds above
I kiss the sky

this soul is occupied
please give me a little more time
the challenges you've brought
the dreams that I've sought
this soul is occupied with these thoughts
I'm running out of time

deep in my heart I still have faith
I am better than this
I am better than great
deep in my heart I could be a king
I conquer my future
I conquer the ring

this soul is occupied
please give me a little more time
this challenge you've brought
the dreams that I sought
this soul is occupied with these thoughts
and now there's no more time

Day Five: Labours and Glories

I will be home to you soon
my back is breaking
from all the labors I've had to do
so stressful
these trials they put me through
I press on and on
so I may come home safely to you

the little money I'm making
these bones that are slowly breaking
and all the glory that they are taking
they will not crack my pride

oh sweetness
the world has not enough medication
to cure my pain and aggravation
of all these things I'm forced to do
they take so much from me
give no credit where it is due
and steal the glory
but they won't steal me from you

25 Days Remain

Links to the other days will appear in this space shortly. Be seeing you.


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