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3537 Common Errors in English | Part-I | Homonyms Mistakes

Updated on December 11, 2015
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Muhammad Rafiq is a freelance writer, blogger, and translator with a Master's Degree in English literature from the University of Malakand.

Common Errors in English
Common Errors in English | Source

Common Errors in English while Using Homonyms

Homonyms are the words having almost similar pronunciation, but different meanings. Due to very high similarity in pronunciation, most of the ESL students get confused in using homonyms. They use one word for another, which results in error in meaning of the sentence. The following list of errors will certainly help you using homonyms correctly:

List of Common Errors in English

Oversmoking EFFECTED his health.
Oversmoking AFFECTED his health.
They EXCEPTED his invitation.
They ACCEPTED his invitation.
Adela is ALL READY here.
Adela is ALREADY here.
Amir is a popular ANALYST.
Amir is a popular ANNALIST.
I don't need your ADVISE.
I don't need your ADVICE.
The robbers ALLUDED the police
The robbers ELUDED the police.
Our family is ALL TOGETHER with him.
Our family is ALTOGETHER with him.
Convey my COMPLEMENTS to your father.
Convey my COMPLIMENTS to your father.
Pakistan had to CENSURE the movie.
Pakistan had to CENSOR the movie.
Your CHECK is still pending.
Your CHEQUE is still pending.
We visited the Sahara DESSERT.
We visited the Sahara DESERT.
He is a legal heir of the DISEASED.
He is a legal heir of the DECEASED.
There is a vast DEFERENCE between these equations.
There is a vast DIFFERENCE between these equations.
They fought a DUAL.
They fought a DUEL.
He always DEIFYS my orders.
He always DEFYS my orders.

The most formidable weapon against errors of every kind is reason.

— Thomas Paine
It was QUIET warm outside.
It was QUITE warm outside.
Your handwriting is totally ELIGIBLE.
Your handwriting is totally ILLEGIBLE.
He is having ELICIT relationship with her.
He is having ILLICIT relationship with her.
She is absolutely INGENIOUS in this issue.
She is absolutely INGENUOUS in this issue.
She has a nice GATE.
She has a nice GAIT.
He went FARTHER.
He went FURTHER.
She is pretty FARE.
She is pretty FAIR.
The building needs some EXPENSION.
The building needs some EXPANSION.
Cheating in exams is a BADE thing.
Cheating in exams is a BAD thing.
What is the ROUTE cause of this issue?
What is the ROOT cause of this issue?
John Keats is an IMMINENT poet.
John Keats is an EMINENT poet.
He is a man of LOSE character.
He is a man of LOOSE character.
Our soldiers should not lose their MORAL.
Our soldiers should not lose their MORALE.
1979 ORDNANCE is not in vogue here.
1979 ORDINANCE is not in vogue here.
He is a man of high PRINCIPALS.
He is a man of high PRINCIPLES.
It's my PERSONNEL matter.
It's my PERSONAL matter.

A man of genius makes no mistakes; his errors are volitional and are the portals of discovery.

— James Joyce
We are not ALOUD to visit this place.
We are not ALLOWED to visit this place.
BESIDE his greediness, he was a cunning person.
BESIDES his greediness, he was a cunning person.
I have already reserved a BIRTH for you.
I have already reserved a BERTH for you.
He was over THEIR.
He was over THERE.
There are many BAILS of cotton in the store.
There are many BALES of cotton in the store.
Ball TEMPERING is not allowed.
Ball TAMPERING is not allowed.
They deal in DIARY products.
They deal in DAIRY products.
There is a huge stock of STATIONARY in the store.
There is a huge stock of STATIONERY in the store.
She is a KNOTTY girl.
She is a NAUGHTY girl.
He has no INCITE into this issue.
He has no INSIGHT into this issue.
My brother is a FORMER.
My brother is a FARMER.
He is TO weak to walk.
He is TOO weak to walk.
She is having beautiful HARE.
She is having beautiful HAIR.
He is popular his beautiful VICE.
He is popular for his beautiful VOICE.

Nothing is more intolerable than to have to admit to yourself your own errors.

— Ludwig van Beethoven
She LEAVES in Lahore.
She LIVES in Lahore.
They fought for their RITES.
They fought for their RIGHTS.
This house is on SAIL.
This house is on SALE.
I met Adela and Margaret. The LETTER is my friend.
I met Adela and Margaret. The LATTER is my friend.
He was an ANGLE in disguise.
He was an ANGEL in disguise.
It's a HAVEN on earth.
It's a HEAVEN on earth.
Only IMMATURE actors can perform this role.
Only AMATEUR actors can perform this role.
He went to the MASK to say his prayers.
He went to the MOSQUE to say his prayers.
As FUR his statement, he is a good man.
As PER his statement, he is a good man.
He is a legal AIR of the deceased.
He is a legal HEIR of the deceased.
I like eating PEERS.
I like eating PEARS.
I received a MALE from him.
I received a MAIL from him.
Children like FERRY tales.
Children like FAIRY tales.
He is DYEING of thirst.
He is DYING of thirst.
He older THEN him.
He is older THAN him.
It was a beautiful SEEN.
It was a beautiful SCENE.
I want to EMIGRATE to USA.
I want to IMMIGRATE to USA.
She wants to IMMIGRATE from USA.
She wants to EMIGRATE from USA.
She STAIRS at me.
She STARES at me.
I can't BEER this insult.
I can't BEAR this insult.
WEAR are you?
Where are you?
She passed the exam through SHEAR hard-work.
She passed the exam through SHEER hard-work.
She was a MARE singer.
She was a MERE singer.

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    • Rafiq23 profile image

      Muhammad Rafiq 2 years ago from Pakistan

      I mean Common Errors, not all of the errors. That's why; I want to pinpoint all those errors which non-native people make.

    • Lipnancy profile image

      Nancy Yager 2 years ago from Hamburg, New York

      There must be a million of these in the English language. And I still make some mistakes.