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An Arguement for 3d poetry

Updated on September 3, 2011

I would speak of sky

Heaven's eye

Azure blanket

On and on

Perhaps you see

May haps you feel

Tis a lovely sky I see

Perhaps transmission in verse

May take you where your feet cannot

But what ado is made of sky?

Sure loveliness has it's place.

Nature's splendor a purpose

But if tis this alone

That moves the pen

It almost waists the paper it's on

For it's destination is the bin

Lost, forgotten in the morass

For tomorrow is just as good

Worth a verse or two if you dare

To the bin they go too

Ere your aware

So what stays?

What is found that cannot be discarded

A dart to the heart that cannot be guarded

Stirring the pot

Driving response and kind?

Why tis utterance of the mind

Which vails truth

Witty phrases utter thoughs

Provoking, challenging

Prurient, sensual

Clawing a place

Welcomed in till reviling or acceptance

Give it permanence and immortality

And in the memory

Immunity from the bin.


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    • Jaggedfrost profile imageAUTHOR


      7 years ago

      And when well met as we,

      communing over shared passion

      for an art much abused

      Tis a pleasure when an offering

      To such a cause

      Finds such a place

      As I aim for with my work

      With you

    • SilentReed profile image


      7 years ago from Philippines

      "Tis a lovely sky I seek,of heaven's eye,azure blanket" so I left my analytical mind at the edge of intellection's riverbank as my stream of consciousness merge and flow with your lovely poem...welcoming it into memory and "immunity from the bin":)

    • Jaggedfrost profile imageAUTHOR


      7 years ago

      And to the over analytical who have the charity of imagination goes the gift of the word unstinting. From whose pens the ink never runs out.

    • mariefontaine profile image


      7 years ago from Indianapolis, Indiana

      I prefer to see everything with the 3rd eye... read between the lines, the dimensions. I have been called an "overanalyzer"... but I think most artists analyze even a blade of grass and search for the story of it's birth, or the reason why that nick in the right side of the blade is there... was it eaten?

    • Jaggedfrost profile imageAUTHOR


      7 years ago

      Marie my dear tis this depth of which you speak that forms a third dimension.

    • maven101 profile image


      7 years ago from Northern Arizona

      Not new glasses...3d glasses...pokin' a lil' fun atcha'...Larry

    • mariefontaine profile image


      7 years ago from Indianapolis, Indiana

      I'm lol @ the whole 3d glasses thing... i like the title... your imagery gives so much distinction that the details work to give you dimension upon dimension, not just 'art on a canvas'.

    • Jaggedfrost profile imageAUTHOR


      7 years ago

      By needing new glasses you mean...?

      Lol perhaps I should take my title more seriously and propose a new classification.

    • maven101 profile image


      7 years ago from Northern Arizona

      Do I need special glasses to read this prose..? I enjoyed the speculative and rhetorical phrasing that progressed with the birthing of each question sequentially...

      Voted up, interesting, and creative...Larry

    • mariefontaine profile image


      7 years ago from Indianapolis, Indiana

      Nice. I like your word choice and the way you break your lines... is this a form of poetry?


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