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[the] Moment

Updated on July 12, 2012

I believe in Magic, it does exist in this world,

It is here now where everything happens.

The only time where-when I can have effect,

the foundation for the fulcrum that I am.

My dear you left me, slipped thru a door that I fear.

You were so unhappy with your own experience,

that you chose to relinquish the spark that is now.

The moment is mine now; of it you have no use or need.

Then there is fantasy as fantasy is the not now.

To touch the fading fabric of my before,

Or a reaching to what has not become,

Only evanescent images flashing in my mind.

So I stand here on the pinnacle of is,

The maelstrom of light, heat, and motion.

This is the infinity and singularity that I own.

As I find myself here in the moment alone.

Richard Kane ©1996

A.K.A. R.Kane


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