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4,000 And Still Climbing

Updated on January 30, 2010

4,000 And Still Climbing.

As I crest
4,000 poems,
like some elated
mountaineer on
inspiration's peek,
I pause to note
a thanks to the God,
who gave me the talent,
to climb above
dangling participles,
and the ability to dig
into the solid rock
of my language and
build a path to my dreams.

I also want to thank
the many readers,
who have thrown me
ropes with their comments,
pointed out stumbling blocks
along my errant paths,
and pointed me to
better ways to grip
imaginations hieghts,
which allowed me to secure
a hold on my confidence
by climbing above
the common plane.

Always comment on poems,
as much as possible,
encourage those
who are climbing
out of the depth
of their souls,
your kindness could
possibly encourage another
wordsmith to tackle
that steep path that
many famous poets
have scaled perhaps
climbing far above
the Frost,
the Sand berg,
and the Poe who
gave up far too soon.

I set off now to
create an even higher
tower of babble,
my next 4,000 poems,
but not for the purpose
of reaching God persay
but to allow his wisdom
to reach me.







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    • pbwriterchick profile image

      pbwriterchick 8 years ago

      love it. :) Congrats! :D