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How to Get more followers subscribing to your articles

Updated on December 26, 2013

Increasing viewership for your content- Part7

*On most article directories , when your article is published , it automatically becomes visible to your already existing subscribers or followers . One of the ways therefore to increase readership for your content is to have a large number of subscribers . This means having an already existing number of readers anytime you publish a new material . The ensuing article will provide a number of ways you can get more followers as well as tips to help increase readership for your articles .

You are able to get more followers or subscribers to your work if you are very much consistent with your topic . You will need to find your own niche or topic and specialize there . When you consistently publish contents on your chosen topic of interest , you are able to do extensive research for your article very well . You get to work more on the your chosen topic and therefore get to specialize and broaden your experience in the topic . Readers would notice this whenever they read your contents and so you are easily able to build credibility and get more followers .

Choosing a particular topic or a particular style of writing also helps you to gain the attention of your target readers as readers view you as an expert in your field . Consistently publishing articles on a particular topic also makes you stand out from other authors and so you are easily recognized by potential readers interested in your topic .

Get more people to subscribe to your contents by publishing more and interesting articles at regular times as well. You could do it as your daily work . As you publish more articles at regular times readers would notice your commitment and focus for the job and would be more likely to follow or subscribe to your articles . Readers are also made to see your seriousness in writing and how you are willing to help or enlighten people with your ideas. And since they wouldn't want to miss any of your interesting articles ( which you are constantly and regularly publishing ) , they would subscribe or follow your profile in order to automatically get notified on subsequent releases .

Most of article directories rank higher fresh or newly written contents on their website, that is why your newly published contents get more readership than old ones . Keep publishing new articles on regular basis in order to keep ranking in the search engines or for the directory to show your contents often. You could put links of your old articles on your new contents so as to increase the visibility of your old contents as well .

*Also you can increase readership for your content by publishing your contents in the , appropriate topic category on the directory . When your topic of discussion matches the category that you saved or published your content (on the directory) , it becomes a lot more easier for readers to find and read your articles . It also makes finding your content on the article directory easier by connecting your article to other related articles on the directory by other authors . So readers are able to find your own articles even when they are reading the other related contents .

It's also necessary to publish your articles in an appropriate topic category on the directory so that ads placed on your articles would relate to the content . The more ads on your article relate to your content , the more it makes your content look informative and helpful to readers . When your content looks less exploitative it not only makes it worth reading but also communicates respect to your reading audience and the more likely they would be to follow or subscribe and even share your content .

Also when readers discover that you have more articles written on a particular topic , they will be more likely to subscribe to your content because readers may not have enough time to read all your interesting articles at one time . After reading - at least one and depending on how interesting the rest of your content's titles sound , a reader may decide to come back to read the rest another time - that is when they get the chance . The reader would therefore subscribe to your articles because it will allow them to find and read the rest of your interesting articles whenever they have enough time to read rest . Also they would subscribe to your content in order to be notified whenever you publish a new related materials . Writing more articles on your area of experience also helps you to gain much credibility making readers subscribe to your content .

Please feel free to give your comment and suggestions below. You can also contact me if you want to write articles for your blogs, website or for any proof reading service. Contact me for also advice and tutorials on SEO or how you can upgrade your website in order to gain more traffic.


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