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4 Ways On How To Give Your Content A Flow And Hold Your Reader’s Attention

Updated on December 26, 2013

Grouping your ideas and putting them in order is very important. This helps to make the content interesting. When your ideas do not have the appropriate flow or not patterned out well, it causes a distraction in reading. With the appropriate sequence of ideas, you would be able hold your reader's attention from the beginning to the end of the content your discussion. In this article, I have shared some ways that you can also make your content connect ideas in an appropriate sequence.

Writing or filling in your drafts with supplementary and bridging ideas

One of the ways to give your content a flow therefore is to fill in the inconsistent spaces. To link the individual sentences and ideas. This is what I personally call the writing through method. You will just have to pick your old drafts and read through. As you read through, you start developing advance or supplementary ideas to the previous ones. Filling in between your previous ideas helps to bridge the previous ideas with new ideas and give your content flow. Unfortunately, you could end up repeating most of your already written ideas.

Ranking sentences and ideas

Another way is to rank sentences and ideas. That is to move ideas up or down in terms of importance. You can rank from the most important to the less important. This method makes it easier to add supplementary ideas to your content as you improve in knowledge on your topic or you develop more ideas and philosophies related to your topic. You can also link from the less important or opening lines of the idea to the main point that finalizes or completes the idea as a whole. Sometimes this method could get a writer confused because he or she would find problems with ranking ideas in the content; especially with ideas that can fit or conform to two or more positions in the content. The can logically connect to more than one places in your content idea.

Using connecting Phrases

Another way to group contents appropriately or make the individual sentences and phrases within the content not seem out of place but in order or in harmony with the content- is the use of connecting phrases and words. With the appropriate connecting phrases and words, you would be able to justify the location or position of ideas or sentence in the content. You will be able to relate or blend individual ideas to the general concept no matter their position in the content.

A stupid joke is only a stupid joke because it is told at a wrong setting. It is appropriate when it is told at the particular certain that makes the joke rather funny. Moreover, a good example in article writing is that which appears in the appropriate content. Professional writes who have mastered the art of using connecting phrases can blend or absorb ideas from anywhere and any topic into their own. Skillfully using connecting phrases, they can make the content accommodate any idea as well as supplementary ideas that occur to them later. You could either end up creating up winding statements and ideas or contradictory ideas to what has already been written. There could also be many repeated ideas in your content. You end up rephrasing the same ideas in different forms and patterns to supplement the content. This could make your article boring. You could also end up adding many unnecessary ideas just to make your article too long and boring to read; Ideas that could have been used for subsequent articles.

Using of subtitles

Another way to arrange your content is the use of subtitles in your content. Using subtitles helps writer to easily pattern out your ideas. This will help you to rank your most important ideas to the less important or vice versa. You can easily see the repeated ideas that could likely cause a distraction and boredom in reading. With the appropriate subtitles, you can select the only needed and facts and sequence the idea groups or paragraphs appropriately.

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