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40 Examples of Haiku

Updated on July 11, 2017
Lord of Poetry profile image

Haiku honchos declared most haikus lack literary value. A Lawgiver is needed to uphold the honor of Poetry and Poets. Jose steps forward.

The food chain among fishes
The food chain among fishes

A. The World Around Us

motionless lizard
little insect flutters by
only one finds meal

early bird hunts food
crawling worm is early too
the sun moves on time

beneath the sea waves
fish chasing smaller fish
bigger fish behind

sparrow fights eagle
king of the sky in distress
use your eyes and claws!

sharp-toothed shark looms
dolphin attacks its belly
shark flips, game over

turtle-paced turtle
safe in your mobile fortress
just don't turn turtle!

an open window
flock of white cranes flying by
where are they going?

morning at the beach
pigeons aloft in the air
flying round and round

busy bee buzing
red gumamela in bloom
butterfly sipping

ylang ylang scent
it lingers in the nostrils
stirring memories

A flock of white cranes
A flock of white cranes

B. Nature and Neighborhood

ayagukoy crabs
shower of golden liquid
the holes avoided

taguyabong birds
white spectacle in the sky
Brotherhood of Light

haijin crafts haiku
weaver ants in mango tree

pebble on the ground
Bongoy River at high tide
stone skids o'er water

Feast Day of Saint John
I remember three birdlings
and remorseful lad

seashore's lagaylay
skipping rope of childhood days
they are back, crawling

riverside mangrove
old speed boat without driver
lying very still

MontaƱa side yard
old wooden bus rotting
tickets strewn around

the weather is calm
Mindoro is visible
from Odiongan beach

fishing by the bridge
father and his son rejoice
a fish is dying

C. Philippine Seasons

flores de Mayo
children gathering flowers
heart gifts to Mary

rain begins to pour
children and youths get ready
it's school time again

wind is howling loud
rain pouring hard on the roof
be prepared like Scouts

Buwan ng Wika
blessed archipelago
speaking in tongues

keep the fire burning
as the snow melts in China
thick clothes, not thick face

weather gets colder
Christmas songs heard everywhere
longest annual rite

Rizal Day parade
celebrating his birthday
is much more hopeful

fireworks light the sky
the old year is forgotten
people look forward

month-long rite of love
Cupid is next to Jesus
in more ways than one

farmers celebrate
market is full of harvests
buyers can buy more

Chantek, the ape who went to college, and his surrogate mother
Chantek, the ape who went to college, and his surrogate mother

D. Some Facts of Life

stay-at-home spider
fly roaming the neighborhood
both hunting for food

a pride of lions
eye a lagging buffalo
where is courage there?

monkey your cousin
only creature in the world
that hangs by its tail

what's a platypus?
it looks half-bird, half-mammal
DNA test, please!

those human features
absent among the great apes
can be found in pigs

Manx from Isle of Man
crossbreed of cat and rabbit?
test their DNA!

college-going ape
shows arm beneath toilet door
female student shrieks

lion met tigress
liger is world's biggest cat
purrs like a kitten

ass is a donkey
that got bad reputation
are you a donkey?

blue whale of the deep
largest animal ever
eating tiny krill

-- Jose Rizal M. Reyes
July 5-7, 2017


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    • Lord of Poetry profile image

      Jose Rizal Reyes 8 months ago from Tabing Dagat, Odiongan, Romblon, Philippines

      First updating July 11, 2017. The following day, June 12, the HP editor informed me that this hub was eligible to be elevated to LetterPile.